Willie Monster!

How about some puppeh blogging!

Well you asked (you did, right???), so your humble scribe shall deliver.

It’s been barely six months since we adopted Willie (“Don’t You Hate It When You Go To A Parade And Come Home With A Puppy?“). And look at our boy now:

DSCN5094 - Version 2

He’s already outgrown one crate and will soon outgrow the largest crate we own. He weighs close to 70 pounds and is not even 11 months old yet. I’m rethinking the Lab-Pit Bull mix thing and starting to think it’s Lab-Great Dane.

He’s a really sweet boy, though. He’s been easier to train than either of our other two dogs. He’s by far the most laid back puppy I’ve ever known. He loves to play, and he’s a master sleeper. If this is how he is at 10 months I can only imagine his life at 10 years. He’s never shown even the tiniest shred of meanness, he’s just not wired that way. He is oblivious to his massive size, and it’s funny — and dangerous — to see him try to play with the cats, unaware of what an imposing behemoth he is. He’s truly our gentle giant.

I’m a little worried because he seems to be really intolerant of even the smallest amount of heat — 75 degrees wipes him out. Buddy, you are not going to like August! We’ll have to get a kiddie pool for him to jump in, he loves the water.

The only bad thing I can say about him is that he eats his own poop. I think I’ve pretty much broken him of this habit but I can’t be sure because I just don’t give him the opportunity. It’s disgusting, nasty, wretched habit and none of the supposed “remedies” (food additives like “Forbid,” pineapple, etc.) worked.

Anyway, let’s hope that’s all, um, behind us.

Here’s a picture of Willie in his customary repose:


Here’s a picture of him in action with Riley, his good buddy:



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8 responses to “Willie Monster!

  1. I’m glad you let the cats convince you to get them a dog — you may THINK it was your idea, cats are good at that. (Ours tried until they realized neither of us could walk one regularly.)

    I envy you him — but I think I’d need to own all the houses on my Brooklyn block to have enough yard for him to play in. There IS a LOT of him — and likely to be more. (I almost had a picture of you as Hyacinth and him as ‘half a camel’ in one of my favorite scenes from KEEPING UP APPEARENCES — which is a British show that somehow I feel you must have come across — if not, check your local PBS station.)

    Anyway, he seems to be a lovable, smart, playful pooch who likes people. A reminder that sanity exists when the Republicans are making too many headlines and souring all our stomachs.

  2. screech

    Our last very large golden girl (around 90 pound lbs.) ate poop for some inexplicable reason. She crossed the bridge, as they sometimes say around here in east Tennessee. She was a rescue golden and had had a very hard first 6 years living in a cage and working in a puppy mill. She was the most traumatized dog I have ever met but sooooo sweet. I could not bring myself to attempt to “break” her of eating poop. She long ago earned her right to do whatever she pleased. So I ignored the issue.

    • I hear that dogs who spend a lot of time in cages do eat poop as a way of keeping their living area clean. I’m hoping Willie’s issue was a puppy thing and he’s outgrown it. I hear a lot of health issues can crop up if they continue to eat poop into adulthood.

  3. Kathleen

    What an adorable pooch!

  4. ThresherK

    Sweetie. And the best part is, as a large dog, it’s not going to get all riled up by cats, his natural superiors.

  5. themadkansan

    …he looks about where Macy was at the same age. He’ll probably stop growing upwardly soon and start getting muscle if he’s a similar mix as her.

  6. Buddy The Wonderdog still eats poop, despite getting HOMEMADE dogfood and biscuits. He tells me it’s dogcred thing.