Congratulations, Unidentified OH Man! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Another of our safest, most responsible citizens evah responsibly forgot their gun in a most responsible way. Hilarity ensued:

NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio — North Royalton High School and Middle School were temporarily locked down on Friday morning after a holstered handgun was discovered on the bumper of a car in the high school parking lot.


Police discovered that the gun belonged to a student’s father, Det. Dave Loeding said. The father left the gun on the bumper of the car and the student — who didn’t know the weapon was on the car — drove the car to school, Loeding said.

The father, who has a concealed handgun license, took full responsibility for the accident and will not be charged, Loeding said.

Not sure when your concealed handgun license became a get out of jail free card for your irresponsible behavior. In a perfect world if you do something stupid like leave a gun lying on your kid’s car bumper like it’s a goddamn ShamWow you’d lose your gun permit for being an irresponsible dumbass.

But we don’t because Reasons.


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10 responses to “Congratulations, Unidentified OH Man! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. screech

    When it comes to guns they just don’t care. If Sandy Hook couldn’t wake them up nothing will. Nothing. Sandy Hook was the ultimate test. Killing a bunch of grade school babies with a legally-owned military assault weapon and these amosexual nut cases were unmoved. Forget it, we’re fucked. The best I can do for myself is stay out of these assholes’ way. If I see an idiot out in public packin’ I leave the area. immediately. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing, just calmly put some distance between this loaded asshole and myself. It’s hard to get shot if a gun isn’t around. But the odds go up (way up) as soon as a gun is mixed into the equation. Fortunately, the Ohio idiocy didn’t result in a dead body. I think it’s going to be a very, very long time before the country is willing to rationally address guns. Sadly, we’ll have a lot more death before that ever happens.

    • Not only were the gun-humpers unmoved, they dared to even question that it was REAL. And THAT tells you how fucked up the gun humpers are. That our news media and political establishment didn’t see that as a sign of psychosis and continued to play along with the NRA talking points says how truly fucked we are.

  2. Shutter

    How did the gun manage to stay on the bumper of the car during the drive to the school? Unless of course it wasn’t on the bumper *during* the drive and was place there afterwards and then forgotten. By the kid. And then Dad took the heat for it.

    • screech

      Also, cars have bumpers?

      • Jim in Memphis

        Yes cars have bumpers. They are the parts that stick out in front and in back of the car.

        Screech – do you leave the scene when you see a police officer with their gun? As noted in several posts by SB, the police can be just as reckless with their weapons as anyone else.

      • I think he knows that. I think his point is that many newer car models don’t have a traditional bumper that would hold an object like a gun.

    • Possible. Maybe it was an old car. With BIG bumpers.

  3. HBQuinn

    Not quite the story of other gun nuts, but did you see the story about the Paducah KY detective that shot his mother while attending a wedding? WPSD in Paducah has the story.

    • Yeah I did. I’d have made him a 2nd Amendment Hero but we already had one. Gun fell out of his pocket and fired. And then we have another one out of Gilroy CA today — 13-y-o stepdaughter of a Gilroy police officer accidentally shot herself in the leg with his service weapon. It’s almost as if law enforcement officers aren’t any more responsible with their guns than the average schlub. Huh.

  4. Janis

    Here is a link to an article showing the cost of gun violence state by state. Tennessee is 7th highest, costing over $6 billion in 2012.