GunFAIL, Extra Special Law Enforcement Edition

I’ve always said that law enforcement folks are no more immune to gun accidents and gun negligence than your ordinary 2nd Amendment Hero walking the streets with their concealed-carry permit and gun strapped to … whatever.

And it’s true, you’d think with all of the training and instruction and day-to-day interaction with firearms that law enforcement people get, they’d be a little more aware of gun safety. But they aren’t.

Which doesn’t bode well for the rest of us schlubs out there in the world. I mean, I know I mock it enough, but I’ve certainly heard that concealed-carry holders are the safest, most responsible gun owners in the whole wide world often enough from politicians and NRA members; you’d think that law enforcement officers would be the safest, most responsible gun owners in the whole wide world too, wouldn’t you? But if they can’t be safe and responsible, I don’t think anybody can.

There’s been quite a spate of gun negligence from the world of law enforcement this week. Here are a few items culled from the headlines.

• “Detective’s mom stable after being shot at wedding

A McCracken County detective’s mother is in stable condition after the officer accidentally discharged his weapon at a church wedding Saturday in Carlisle County.

Carlisle County Sheriff Steve Perry said Debbie Golightly sustained a gunshot wound to the abdomen. She was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. The detective, Cory Golightly, and his mother were attending a wedding at Bardwell Baptist Church on U.S. 51.

• “Concord officer accidentally shoots himself at firing range

A Concord police officer accidentally shot himself this week while conducting firearms training at the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office Training Center and Firing Range on Irish Potato Road.

The officer shot himself in the lower calf. The injury was not life-threatening, and the officer remained lucid, Concord city spokesman Peter Franzese said.

• “Police officer’s stepdaughter shoots self in leg

A 13-year-old girl accidentally shot herself in the leg Monday afternoon with a handgun owned by her stepfather, who is a Gilroy police officer, police said Tuesday.

At about 3 p.m. Monday, officers responded to a report of a teenage girl suffering a gunshot wound to her leg at residence in the 500 block of El Cerrito Way in Gilroy, Sgt. Royce Heath said.

Arriving officers determined the home was owned by a Gilroy police officer, according to Heath.

• “Officer fires gun accidentally in Pacoima

PACOIMA — A shot was fired accidentally today by a law enforcement officer involved in a parole-compliance check in Pacoima, authorities said.

No injuries were reported in the incident, which occurred about 7:25 a.m. in the 12800 block of Van Nuys Boulevard, said Officer Liliana Preciado of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Media Relations office.

• “Georgia sheriff faces reckless-conduct charges after shooting friend in the belly

A Georgia sheriff faces reckless-conduct charges after shooting a real estate agent while conducting what he described as “police training tactics” inside a model home in a suburban subdivision.

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill turned himself in at the Gwinnett County Adult Detention Center on Wednesday evening and was released after posting $2,950 bond.

Hill shot his friend Gwenevere McCord in the abdomen on Sunday afternoon while they were alone inside a house that was for sale in Lawrenceville, a suburb northeast of Atlanta. He says the shooting was accidental.

McCord, 43, remains in critical condition and cannot speak.

• “South Carolina Police Responding to Home Invasion Call Shoot Home’s Resident

Police who were dispatched to a home invasion in South Carolina shot the resident, who now has “life-threatening” injuries, the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office said today.

At around 11:02 a.m. this morning, Charleston County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a home invasion call and reports of shots fired in Hollywood, South Carolina. A statement from the police said that when the deputies arrived, two black male suspects were seen fleeing the house on bicycles toward the backyard.

“Our deputies proceeded to the rear of the home and were confronted by an armed subject exiting or standing at the back door of the residence,” the sheriff’s statement read. “Our deputies challenged the subject and ordered him to drop his weapon, which he didn’t at the time. As a result, one of our deputies fired his service weapon striking the subject once in the neck area.” Police said the subject who was shot is a homeowner or resides at the property.


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10 responses to “GunFAIL, Extra Special Law Enforcement Edition

  1. Joseph Stans

    Hmmm. No better way to impress your girlfriend than to shoot her in a model home during some”afternoon delight”.

    • Kathleen

      Hill shot his friend Gwenevere McCord in the abdomen on Sunday afternoon while they were alone inside a house that was for sale in Lawrenceville, a suburb northeast of Atlanta. He says the shooting was accidental.

      New marketing slogan for realtors: “Open House. Open Carry. Open Season! Who Says The Suburbs Have To Be Boring!”

  2. Thanks SB. Proof that you still reign supreme as Unsere Lieblinge. MB broke the story that you led with. Of course, as a commenting star, I went off. Here is the only intelligent thing that I said.

    How about this? Try to think of a couple of things that you can do without leaving the house with a loaded weapon. Church? School? Saturday in the park? This dumb bastard shot his mom at a wedding. Don’t you get how that’s not normal? The Tennessee people interviewed on the TV News seem to act like it’s a perfectly natural mistake.

  3. The LA Times has an interesting editorial today related to this topic. They’re arguing that guns with only a short trigger pull and only a trigger safety are inherently unsafe. It’s simply too easy for people to put their finger on the trigger without thinking about it, and the short trigger pull and lack of any other safety lead inevitably to unintentional discharges. They mention this specifically in relation to accidental shootings by police.

    • The Glocks are a favorite of law enforcement but they are very unsafe. No external trigger lock.

      Honestly, I’ve long said that most cops don’t need guns. I really believe that.

  4. J R in WV

    I wouldn’t have a Glock under any circumstances. Designed and built to be unsafe. Whoever selected them for a police department was insane. The 1911 Colt has 3 safeties, a regular click-up to make unfireable switch, a grip safety so that you have to squeeze the handle hard to allow a shot to be fired, and a hammer you have to haul back before it will shoot.

    How we went from 3 safeties to effectively none in less than a hundred years shows how crazy happens – drop by drop sanity leaks out, the end!

  5. Late to the threat at BJ, so I’ll just link to this song by Stephanie Miller fan Rocky Mountain Mike: “I just effing shot myself–the musical!” (NSFW)