Congratulations, Michael Vickers! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Our armed society is just getting politer and politer:

According to a news release, a deputy and social services agents went to a home after getting a call about a five-year-old girl who had a gun pointed at her. They said an investigation revealed Vickers pointed a gun at the child for splashing too much water out of her bathtub.

The deputy said Vickers told them he didn’t think it was “a big deal” to point the gun at his step-daughter.

This is what happens when any asshole can have a gun, no training or education required. They use them for really stupid, assholey reasons.



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4 responses to “Congratulations, Michael Vickers! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. Kathleen

    $5 says he wasn’t arrested or charged. ‘Cause white. And freedumz. And, of course, Jeebus.

  2. democommie

    I can see now why you don’t have time to do your *TWITGW report–it would be like doing a census on a colony of e-coli.

    This Week In TN Gunzloonz Whackery

  3. I’ll bet that little rascal didn’t splash any more water. Didn’t give Daddy any lip either.

  4. I saw that headline and said, “Crap, first the dogs and now –”

    But that’s Michael Vick.

    Can Mr. Vickers pay that child’s lifetime therapy bill?

    Too bad that a true “smart gun,” that can foretell the future and read minds and therefore will refuse to work for any reason other than self-defense, will never exist.