What $46,000 Can Buy

Apparently, a super crappy logo:

7835634_G - Version 2

Seriously, our state government just paid $46,000 for that? Excuse me, I got so bored looking at it that I fell asleep. Someone wake me uuu… oh wow, I did it again.

This is a seriously shitty logo in every way a logo can be shitty, chief among them being it’s so generic it could be Indiana if they just added a bottom to the “T.” It also kinda looks like the LP Building Products logo, which not coincidentally the marketing company that designed the state’s new logo also represents. I wonder if they designed their logo, too. This logo is so utterly lacking in any creativity that I have to think there’s another agenda at play. Like someone’s favorite PR company needed some work to do, or some big donor’s daughter needed a class project.

I can’t imagine what was wrong with our old logo:


I liked this. According to Wikipedia, the three stars represent East, Middle and West Tennessee. It’s distinctive. The circle and stars is our state flag. It’s simple but we all know what it means.

So, why change what ain’t broken?


Reaction has been swift:



This being the age of social media, the new logo has a Twitter account. A sample:


I’ve also seen some funny logo parodies. For instance:



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12 responses to “What $46,000 Can Buy

  1. Joseph Stans

    The Koch brothers wanted a change. They plan to change all the logos of the states they buy so that when put side the spell out some clever marketing phrase.

  2. greennotGreen

    “… why change what ain’t broken?”

    Because someone who knows someone in the administration can make a profit.

  3. You should have a contest to design a new logo. I’m thinking something that has one of your homegrown weppinz, the Barrett .50 but wih a magazine that has the 10 Commandments on it and some other stuff so that the legend under it can say, “Gunz, GOD, grits and Grand Ol Opry!–Come to TN for the FREEDUMB, Music, KKKristianity and Quizeen and stay, because you get shot in a convenience store by someone who mistook you for a terrarist!”. Sorry, deadlines do that to me, even when they’re self imposed.

  4. W

    They briefed us state employees about it. They’re trying to make the state of TN a “brand” and “an enterprise” so they were trying to get a logo that can be adapted to each separate entity in the state because they all have different ones at the moment.

    They didn’t incorporate the tri-star symbol in the logo because it isn’t copyrightable and because lots of companies and entities throughout the state use it.

    That’s what I was told. I’m not going to defend any of it, just thought I’d share.

  5. W

    Also, it’s basically the state flag rotated 90 deg and with the tri-star taken off.

  6. Michael Taylor

    A kindergarten class on cupcakes and Mountain Dew could come up with a better logo.

  7. ThresherK

    Tennessee is already a brand. And if you land on St. James Place & New York Ave first, Tennessee is part of a Monopoly!

    Given the prices you can rent it for, they paid too much.

  8. GregH

    Throw this stupid new logo in the garbage and FIRE the person who approved paying $46k for an unnecessary new logo – hopefully it’s Haslam.