When Two Gun Nuts Love Each Other Very, Very Much

This story just went into irony overdrive:

Man Who Shot At George Zimmerman Will Use Stand Your Ground Defense

Matthew Apperson, the man on trial for shooting at George Zimmerman (the man who got acquitted for shooting Trayvon Martin), will argue he acted in self-defense by standing his ground against George Zimmerman (the man who argued he acted in self-defense, essentially by standing his ground against Trayvon Martin.)

According to the AP, Apperson plans to request a Stand Your Ground hearing before his trial begins—a step Zimmerman skipped during his 2012 murder trial.

As I posted last month when this whole incident first happened, Apperson and Zimmerman have a long, tortured history with each other. Both are concealed-carry permit holders. And how exactly is this not the Wild Wild West scenario we’ve always warned about?

Near as I can tell, both of these “responsible citizens” are a public menace.


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8 responses to “When Two Gun Nuts Love Each Other Very, Very Much

  1. If this idiocy winds its way through the courts you gotta wonder whose defense fund the NRA* will choose to raise monies for.

    I wonder how it goes for the Zimster if the other guy’s attorney is able to get a sympathetic jury to acquit his client–and how’s George gonna be the KKKristofascists darling if he turns out to be a coward who ran instead of throwin’ down on the CCW-o-perp?

    * Nimrod Racist Ass’n

  2. Jimbo(b) is right!*.

    Then again, if history is a guide, that murdering piece-of-shit Zimmer will wind up in a jam, again, in the not too distant future–in which case he WILL need some dollaz for the defense.

    Even a blind squirrel can find his nuts once in a while.

    • Who said Zimmerman needed a defense fund? He’ll probably raise money from the stoooopidz for his civil case. Or he’ll take a page out of the Perpetually Oppressed and Offended Religionists (POORs) who raise money because people were mean to them when the rest of the country found out they were homophobes and bigots. You know: tell the news media you won’t serve a gay couple, stoke the national outrage and start a GoFundMe page. Really amazed people give money to strangers just because they hate gays.

  3. jazzbumpa

    The really sad irony is that Trevon was the person who was attempting to stand his ground when he was stalked, assaulted and murdered by Zimmerman, AFTER the police dispatcher told him to stand down.

    And the bastard was acquitted.

    This fucking country has gone totally fucking bat shit bonkers.


    • Hey man. You’re buying into the right-wing, gun maniac propaganda machine.

      There was absolutely no evidence, whatsoever, that Trayvon attempted to “stand his ground.” All that we know is that he was involved in a life and death struggle with a drug-crazed maniac that was intent upon murdering him.

      I don’t know if this can be found today. But the best evidence was from Trayvon’s facebook buddy who was cooking dinner with her auntie when this went down. This evidence was disqualified from court.

      Don’t buy into this notion that Martin was threatening the life of Zimmerman. It’s a lie.

      • CB

        That’s not the way I read Jazzbumpa’s response. He was saying that Trayvon was standing his ground, not Zimmerman.