What’s Freedom Got To Do With It

This story pretty much sums up what’s behind the ammosexual agenda, IMHO:


Officials said two men stopped in front of the school when the suspect got out of his car and asked the other driver if he “had a problem” while lifting his shirt to show his gun.

I’d say for a good 80% of the carry-everywhere gun loons out there — including this Georgia nutball who paraded around Atlanta’s international airport with a loaded AR-15, then complained about being “harassed” when law enforcement logically wondered what the fuck he was doing — the urge to be armed stems not from any love of the Constitution or Freedom but from a burning desire to just be obeyed for once. It’s Falling Down Syndrome, aka conservative ressentiment , the inability to cope with their cultural irrelevance. It’s losing your shit over America’s slow but enduring shift toward multi-culturism and tolerance while your worldview is stuck in an increasingly remote backwater. But by God you can flash your gun and get that asshole off your bumper, amiright fellas?

Every time one of these incidents happens I’m reminded of the eventual death of cultural conservatism. Because nothing screams “I lost the argument” like having to flash a gun to get your way.


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5 responses to “What’s Freedom Got To Do With It

  1. CB

    I agree with you, Madam SB. The guy in the airport, ESPECIALLY, should have EXPECTED to be confronted. Whiney-ass bitch. If he had determined, somewhere in his pea-sized brain, that he needed to shoot, the bullet(s) would not have stopped at his intended target(s), and would have very likely taken out innocent bystanders as well. Sure, he’s just trying to help out local law enforcement. Terrorist threat, dontcha know. What if the legitimate officers on duty just assumed that was the case, every time they saw someone in the airport, loaded for bear? There now, don’t you feel better? No? Me either.

  2. Randy

    lmao. This blog continues to lead the web in establishing the penis/firearm correlation.