Congratulations, Unidentified New York City Man Vladimir Gotlibovsky! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour


Serial offender:

The wedding guest who accidentally shot a woman in the Waldorf Astoria put a bullet in his own foot on Christmas Eve in another klutzy move with a gun, sources told The Post on Monday.

Not-so-sharp shooter Vladimir Gotlibovsky, 42, thought a car was following him as he was driving to make a bank deposit for his liquor business, so he pulled over and took out his .380-caliber automatic from his pants pocket, sources said.


Gotlibovsky’s gun has been taken before. In 1995, he lost it in a dispute over whether his permit allowed him to carry all the time.

Authorities ruled in his favor, and he got it back.

Great move giving him back his gun. A lady got shot in the head and four others were injured.


The tabloids weigh in:

PICTURED: The hysterical bride who ‘let out a blood curdling scream’ when the Waldorf Astoria CANCELLED her wedding reception after the groom’s cousin accidentally shot a guest

Ha ha ha. And then there’s this:

‘The person believed to have discharged the weapon has a permit authorizing him to possess and carry it.’

OH. So another of our safest, most responsible citizens EVAH. Cue my shocked face.


Because this is New York, not Georgia or Tennessee or Talibama, we have charges filed. Thank you, Michael Bloomberg.


Second reported accidental shooting at a wedding so far this year:

An unidentified man attending a wedding reception at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Manhattan on Saturday accidentally discharged a firearm and injured five people, including one woman who was struck in the head, the police said.


Deputy Chief William Aubry, the commander of Manhattan detectives, said a wedding guest accidentally discharged a firearm in the lobby area of the Waldorf Astoria at around 7:30 p.m. Officials said a bullet ricocheted off the floor and struck one person. Three others were struck by debris such as glass, marble and tile.

The reception was being held in the hotel’s East Terrace, a marbled-floor space that was closed to hotel guests at the time of the shooting. On Saturday night, rows of police tape were strung behind a velvet rope and around a table crowned with a large, ornate spray of white flowers.

What’s notable about this accidental shooting is its New York City location. Accidental shootings aren’t unheard of in New York’s boroughs — I’m remembering the Brooklyn dad who shot his infant daughter while cleaning his gun — but you don’t see them that often, and rarely in public places. Considering the area’s population, this is unusual. It seems most accidental shootings in New York are by cops.

So congratulations to this unnamed wedding guest. This gunfail in the marbled Waldorf Astoria was truly spectacular!


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9 responses to “Congratulations, Unidentified New York City Man Vladimir Gotlibovsky! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. Jill Meyer

    Wow. I wonder if the wedding reception was held. Quite a wedding day story for the Happy Couple.

  2. Kathleen

    And it wasn’t even near a WalMart or Hooters!

  3. Well, it’s the Waldorf, so you know it wasn’t a “bargain” reception. Look for the gunzloon to be a plutocrat, pol or cop–and white.

  4. The TV talking head said, “A man was playing with a gun…” isn’t that any oxymoron?

  5. Shutter

    And he just got off scot-free.