Sign of the Times

Sign in front of what I affectionately call the Wingnut Bible Church located near my house:


The Wingnut Bible Church appears in this space about once a year. Last year they were (illegally) advertising a fringe U.S. State Senate candidate. Every Memorial Day and July Fourth they put dozens of American flags out on their lawn, too. Because Jesus was totally all about America, you guys.

Wonder if they’ll go all in with the American flag display this Independence Day or if they’re so disgusted with SCOTUS that they’ll take a pass.


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7 responses to “Sign of the Times

  1. I’ve been hearing this a lot lately, that God defined marriage. Weirdly, though, this assertion is always a little thin on textual citation … or in this case, really THICK on textual citation.

  2. Don’t know where Grainger County is, but TN makes the headlines again, after the owner of a local hardware store — who is also a minister — puts a sign up reading “No Gays Allowed.” He refuses to take it down, and there is no law in TN that makes such a sign illegal.

    And I want to be the first to thank the gentleman, because nothing will get laws passed in those states lacking them than the publicity he is getting.

    “May we keep on being lucky in the enemies we get.”

  3. Y’know what’s really gotta be making their heads spin at that fine KKKristianist church? That one of the three guys on the SCotUS whom they don’t want to lynch is oneathemothers.

  4. Kindly ignore Jacob’s 2 wives, King David’s several wives, King Solomon’s 800 wives/concubines, Hosea’s wife the prostitute, and the many other examples of non-one-man-one-woman marriages in the same Old Testament they cite.

  5. “I’ve been hearing this a lot lately, that God defined marriage…” Bert W

    Regrettably God didn’t have a photo I.D. so he doesn’t get to vote in Tennessee.

  6. Of course these idiots would have no problem selling their crap to a criminal, corrupt politician, or a couple who’s on their 3rd marriage. And don’t get me started on those shell fish eating heathens who wear multi threaded fabrics.