Panic At The Mall

So, this happened yesterday:

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) — The Fayetteville Police Department has charged an Army soldier after getting multiple reports of an armed gunman at Cross Creek Mall Thursday evening.

A huge number of law enforcement officers flooded the mall located off the All American Expressway when 911 calls started coming in just before 6:30 p.m.

Photos showed several stores with security gates pulled down. Some store employees locked themselves inside businesses until officers told them it was safe to come out.

Eyewitnesses said it was a moment of sheer terror.

“They were, very panicked, actually a lot of kids were crying,” said eyewitness Francheska Penn. “They did not understand why adults were running – kind of a scary thing. Everyone just dove in sheer panic. They did not understand what was going on.”

On surveillance video, the man wearing a military vest and carrying an assault rifle was seen walking into and out of the mall entrance. Police said he was arrested outside the building near the Macy’s wing of the mall.

Bryan Scott Wolfinger was charged with “going armed to the terror of the public.” Wolfinger said he intended to get his picture taken with the military gear,

…something police called a “poor decision.”

Gee, ya think?

Meanwhile, Nashville, Tennessee has its “Radnor Lake Rambo,” who wears body armor and carries his rifle in front of high schools and in popular state parks:


Hey, can we get one of those “going armed to the terror of the public” laws, too? Because in an age where people are opening fire on schools, shopping malls and Bible studies, there is no way of knowing whether someone is there to open fire or open carry until it’s too fucking late — and everybody knows it.

I don’t know if Wolfinger is just a dumb kid or an activist gun humper like Nashville’s Radnor Lake Rambo. But the result is always the same: terrorizing the public. They know, it too. They troll the public and use our court system in an effort to normalize that which will never, ever be normalized. It’s not normal to walk around armed to the teeth, guys. It’s just not. And I’ve gotta ask: what kind of asshole causes panic at the mall and makes small children cry in the interest of “exercising mah rahts!” An open carry asshole, that’s who.

So, here’s the Fayetteville Mall last night:


Gotta wonder how much longer major retailers like Macy’s are going to tolerate this “sheer terror at the mall” shit before they start trying to exert some influence over state legislatures. Gun loons are trolling the Gun Sense crowd on social media, saying the problem is us — those people shouldn’t have been scared, they say. What they’re really saying is, Bryan Scott Wolfinger is a white guy so why should anyone be worried about him wearing body armor and carrying military weaponry? Well, Dylann Roof was a white guy, too. As were Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Jared Loughner, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. In fact, since 1982, white people have committed 64% of mass shootings in the United States. And 90% of all murders are committed by men. So yeah, if you’re a white male exercising your Constitutional right to open carry while wearing body armor, the ensuing panic is not unfounded.

Again: nobody knows if you’re there to open carry or open fire until it’s too late.

Meanwhile, there’s a bill in the House of Representatives that would require gun owners carry liability insurance. HR 2546, the Firearm Risk Protection Act of 2015, makes way too much sense for the gun humpers, thus it carries a “0% chance of being enacted” prognosis. With the House under the thumb of the NRA, oops I mean, Republicans, this very sensible piece of legislation will never make it to a vote. Which is too bad. Because when one of our many Second Amendment Heroes causes property damage or physical damage due to their inability to clean, load, unload, carry, hold, practice shooting or in all other ways be around their manliness substitute, the rest of us shouldn’t have to pay for it.

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  1. Joseph Stans

    Jeez! You would think one of the guys in his group therapy sessions could have take a picture.