Tennessee Terrorism Update

Here’s an update on Tennessee’s own home-grown anti-Muslim terrorist, Robert R. Doggart. I wrote about him back in May. He’s a failed Congressional candidate who plotted to “utterly destroy” the upstate New York village of Islamberg.

Doggart confessed after he was wiretapped discussing his plans to burn down a Muslim school, mosque and to shoot anyone who tried to stop him and his “militia.” But if you thought getting caught plotting a terrorist attack on Muslims would actually get you labeled a terrorist, you would be wrong:

Doggart was arrested April 10 and charged with soliciting others to violate civil rights, attempts to damage religious property because of the religious character of the property and making threats through interstate communication. He pleaded guilty to interstate communication of threats and was released on bond to home confinement. He may not face any jail time.

“If a Muslim had planned to carry out such a religiously-motivated deadly attack, he would certainly have been labeled a terrorist and charged accordingly,” said National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper. “We ask the Obama administration to rescind the plea agreement, which – as it stands – could see this individual free in the community.”

What is it about white, male right-wing hate that is never recognized as terrorism? If this was Muslims planning an attack on a church or Christian school, every cable and network news program would be covering it non-stop. I’ve seen little if any news coverage of Doggart in Tennessee newspapers, even though the guy ran for Congress.


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4 responses to “Tennessee Terrorism Update

  1. I had been intending to Google Doggart and pass along anything I found, but there is so much info that I can only suggest that you do so. But there had been a plea agreement — with up to 5 years in prison — already worked out, but a local judge threw it out and ended even his house arrest based on his physical problems, age, and possible mental problems.

    This week, a federal magistrate ordered his release on the condition that he seeks psychiatric treatment, the Chattanoogan reported.

    After Doggart’s arrest, prosecutors and defense attorneys worked out the plea deal in which Doggart would face up to five years in prison.

    But instead of agreeing to the deal, U.S. District Court Judge Curtis Collier freed Doggart and asked both prosecutors and defense lawyers to file briefs arguing whether the 63-year-old’s alleged plot was a “true threat” under the law.

    Things are getting busy here, so I’ll try and get back with an update later.

    • Duke of Clay

      Move along. Nothing to see here. Just a lone wolf with mental problems. #sarcasm

    • CB

      He’s only 63? Hell, I’M 63! Just for the record, that’s well shy of the full retirement age for Social Security. If he were 83 or 93, yeah, age might be a factor, but 63? Unless, of course, he and the judge are fishing buddies, or somesuch.

  2. Yes, I agree with ya, Duke. Any act of murder, shooting, or threats against one’s life are now excused away as ‘he is crazy’. Of course. It used to be a FELONY to threaten to kill someone, especially the country’s leaders. Today, it is excused as “within his first amendment rights. And the Secret Service is so ineffective today that planes and drones are landing on the White House lawn, creeps are caught climbing fences and actually getting into the White House. And to the Right Wing Nut JOBS, all this illegal terrorist activity is just a joke.