Tennessee Gun Report

It’s baaaaack! Three accidental shootings in this week’s gun report. Enjoy!

• July 10, 2015:

A Nashville couple kept a loaded gun under their child’s mattress.

• July 8, 2015:

1- Nothing screams “pro-life” like pulling a gun on a women’s clinic client at an abortion protest:

BRISTOL — A report of a gunman during a clash between protesters and visitors at a Bristol abortion clinic Wednesday led to a Chilhowie, Va., man’s arrest.

Police were called to the Bristol Regional Women’s Center on West State Street just before 8 a.m. and learned of an argument between a protester and a patron of the business, Derrick Doss, 32,

Police said Doss went to his vehicle and retrieved a handgun, which he loaded by racking the slide. Police found Doss with a handgun.

After gathering evidence and taking witness statements, police charged him with aggravated assault. He was taken to the Sullivan County Jail.

That’s so pro-life, you guys! Also, love how when you’re exercising your Second Amendment rights, all other parts of the Constitution are pretty much shredded.

2- Tennessee state rep Mike Stewart (Democrat, of course) doesn’t think it’s “perfectly acceptable” to shoot a firearm into the air in celebration. Gun humpers disagree!

“It’s perfectly acceptable conduct,” said John Harris, executive director of the Tennessee Firearms Association.

“We can’t have people shooting a lethal weapon into the air,” said Rep. Stewart. “That’s crazy.”

Tom Michaud, who got hit in the arm by a stray bullet at Nissan Stadium, was shocked to find out that no one would be held responsible or charged with reckless endangerment.

“It doesn’t meet the standard at all because the Supreme Court has said the harm has to be directed towards an identifiable person or group of people,” said Harris.

Reckless endangerment in Tennessee is defined as placing another person in imminent danger. Appellate Court case State vs. Fox says merely discharging a gun is not enough to meet the requirement of reckless endangerment.

“We need to make it obviously clear that firing a weapon in the air in a populated area is illegal,” said Rep. Stewart.

Rep. Stewart says he plans to patch-up this legal loophole with new legislation. The executive director of the Tennessee Firearms Association says he would oppose it, “Because people all over the state can do it safely in areas that are not a threat to a third person.”

That makes SO MUCH SENSE, Mr. Harris! Oh wait. It doesn’t. Any claims that the Tennessee Firearms Assn. are reasonable, responsible gun owners have permanently flown out the window. They are the extreme of the extreme — and yet, our idiotic state legislators are afraid of them.

• July 7, 2015:

A Chattanooga man accidentally shot himself while taking his gun apart to clean it, while at work:

Chattanooga police responded to an accidental shooting on Access Road near Highway 153 today just after 12 p.m.

Robert Henry, 38, shot himself in the chest while attempting to take his own gun apart to clean it, according to police. He was trying to field strip his gun while sitting at his desk at Technology Sales, on Access Road, where he works.

Police said he was awake and alert after the shooting and his injury was not life-threatening.

Henry has a valid gun permit.

Remind me, who told us that guns at work were a good idea? Pretty sure it was the Tennessee Firearms Assn.

• July 7, 2015:

Some rare good news in the gun report: a Rockvale woman attempted to buy a gun and was arrested when the background check revealed active warrants against her in two Tennessee counties.

So remind me why we don’t want background checks for all gun purchases?

• July 4, 2015:

As mentioned earlier, two people were hit by stray bullets during Nashville’s July Fourth celebration downtown. We now have an interview with the second victim:

“We were hanging out in the back of the truck, talking to each other,” Michaud said. “I was standing there talking, with my arms crossed, when I heard the noise hit. It sounded like a splat.”

It was the sound of a bullet grazing his left bicep and lodging into his right forearm.

“I felt it and I looked down and I thought it was a singe, maybe from the fireworks or something like that,” Michaud said. “I tried to wipe it off. And on my other arm, I saw a bump. I touched it and I could feel something in my arm.”

In a matter of minutes, Michaud’s friends discovered what had actually happened. They called 911 and helped Michaud to a temporary police post set up in the parking lot of Nissan Stadium.

“I know that it upset a lot of people in my family because of how close this actually was,” Michaud said. “I got really lucky with this. This could have been my life.”

That guy is damn lucky it wasn’t his head.

• July 2, 2015:

Guns and ammo, including an AK-47, stolen from a Memphis home … for the second time!

And here I thought criminals stayed away from homes they knew had guns?

• July 1, 2015:

We still don’t know who shot this bald eagle in Dandridge but there’s a hefty reward.


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13 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. Kathleen

    Can Michaud file a civil suit in this case?

    Also, too, I remember when Dr. Tiller was murdered a local Fox Brunette Bot read “officials are investigating to determine if any pro life groups are involved” with a straight face. One cannot make this stuff up.

  2. “They are the extreme of the extreme — and yet, our idiotic state legislators are afraid of them.”

    I find that this largely sums up the American liberals. I know I can read sharp critiques of America for years here, previously at Jesus’ General, etc., but there never seems to be the spine to deal with the lunatics.

    The Great American Mistake has been to try to negotiate with these juvenile minds, the ones that have fashioned a complete reality of the existence of Santa Claus (with Hollywood talking points) or whatever mumbo-jumbo serves the machiavellian motivations of their handlers.

    At some point, you’ll need to stop worrying about what the kids keep whining about, and fashion a strategy that makes some serious social strides. It’s painful watching how ‘Obamacare’ keeps getting slagged, probably by the very same arrested-maturity minds that used to find themselves lying in a hospital bed, racked with massive stress as they consume the family finances, rendering their kids’ futures penniless.

    The solution is for the courageous, watchful minds of the hard liberals to begin creating a new social contract for America, not one pulled in a million directions by economic interests, but one of balanced self-determined direction, regardless of what the Baby Hueys of the conservative mindset cry for. Do it as a hypothetical exercise, as a national First Amendment project.

    There you have it. I know that I come on these blogs every once in awhile to spew my silly babbling, and eventually I’ll disappear, seeing how the closet liberals continue to slag the consequences of a social contract that has far too many glaring errors, but no one actually cares to address them.

    The solution doesn’t require great sums of money or armed forces; the very internet that makes this blog possible can serve as a staging area. There simply needs to be a movement to begin it, regardless how outrageous it sounds. I point this out as a foreigner; it is up to Americans to come up with an American solution.

    … I’m not sure why I write comments like this … sorry.

  3. Shutter

    “They are the extreme of the extreme”

    Better to label them just plain stupid. Might have more effect.

  4. Jim in Memphis

    In the abortion clinic story the person arrested for the gun was the patron of the clinic not the pro-life protester.

    • AH thanks for clarifying

    • It’s a bit odd that a man would be a client at a Women’s Health Center. There’s gotta be more to the story. Just sayin’.

      • Jim in Memphis

        From what I gather he was there with his significant other and got angry when someone pointed out that his child was being killed inside the abortion clinic.

        I notice SB has not bothered to change the story above and still attributes this gun incident to the pro-life crowd.

  5. And here I thought criminals stayed away from homes they knew had guns?

    Obviously, it’s the one thing they desire the very most. My cousin lived several years alone in a house that she owned in Jackson Mississippi. After a half a dozen or so burglaries, apparently the word got around that she didn’t keep guns. The local crooks decided to simply leave her alone after that.

    • There are three houses within a block of mine that have 3′ x 4′ signs, courtesy of NYScope (http://www.scopeny.org/home/) that are railing for the repeal of the NY S.A.F.E. Act. It’s a good way of saying, “My house has unregistered handguns and all sorts of other shit in it.”.


      • Mary Wilson

        Thanks for keeping me up to speed on all those who talk about the idiocy of gun ‘owners’ here in Tennessee.  And I will add that we have had 2 more young black teen boys killed in my community in the past 3 weeks…apparently by other black teens in rival gangs.  This is a real problem here, the fact that guns are so available to young people via selling and buying them with NO real laws to protect the innocent.  And the newest gun laws make it so easy…no record of gun sales, no registration of fire arms, no background checks.  BUT the KOCH-owened Legislature decided the gun ‘owners’ could not bring their “pieces” into our State Capitol…Just like with ObamaCare, these dipsticks will have the best tax paid health care, while their “NO” votes ban the critically ill from any access to affordable health insurance.Thanks for allowing my comments about these subjects; I have been ignored from local papers, and even FB at times.mlw

  6. Mary L. Wilson

    My hope would be that there is a major newspaper, that would have the guts to print these reports to show the total ignorance of these gun nuts. And the tag line could say: Brought to you by those who do NOT want to be exposed to careless, ignorant gun ‘owners’. Thanks SB!

  7. A.J.

    I was in the UK on business and had drinks after work with the locals who could not understand all the gun violence in the US. I thought gun ownership was banned in the UK, but educated that that was not true. You can own a rifle or shotgun (NEVER a handgun) in the UK but the background check you have to go through rivals that for a Top-Secret CIA security clearance! The procedures were written to find ways to DENY a permit to buy and own a rifle or shotgun, not to make it fast. If it takes a year, it takes a year; none of that 3-day crap. If you get the permit and step out of line – the police will come and TAKE your guns from you. Slap the wife around? Gone? Divorce? Gone. Psychiatric problems? Gone. Jaywalking? Yes; jaywalking – gone. Drop your membership in the Rod and Gun Club? Gone.