Isn’t It Ironic?


That didn’t take long:

Man accidentally shoots self at military recruiting office

GAINESVILLE, GA (CBS46) – A Navy recruiter is recovering in the hospital after accidentally shooting himself with his personal weapon that he brought to work Friday morning.

Gainsville Police said he accidentally shot himself in the upper thigh. No one else was injured.

The incident happened at a military recruiting office on Dawsonville Highway.

In guns=everywhere Georgia, one of our safest, most responsible citizens evah decides to ignore the ban, and the predictable happens. Not even 24 hours after the shootings in Chattanooga, too.

So very predictable.

Hey, assholes: more guns is not the answer!

Isn’t it ironic that on the very same day a jury found James Holmes guilty of murder in the Aurora, CO mass shooting, Dylann Roof had his preliminary hearing in the Charleston mass shooting? And on that very same day we had yet another mass shooting?

Ironic? Umm, actually, no. Just simple arithmetic. That’s how many mass shootings we have in America these days.

We’ve got a problem. What are we going to do about it?


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  1. Shutter

    “We’ve got a problem. What are we going to do about it?”

    Nothing. There is no problem. Just a coincidence that all those people die by gunfire. Randomly. Every day. Say, wanna watch some NASCAR?

    Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  2. I have said many times how important your gun pieces are, but I have come across one more that might be the one most needed to be read. It’s a piece called The Seven Stages of Gun Violence that appeared on an Alaskan blog called Stonekettle Station, and which has been repeated several times. (You may have even linked to the original.

    What makes it more powerful — and painful — is two things. First, the writer is someone who:

    I’ve spent my entire life around weapons, all kinds of weapons – some of which you can’t even imagine. I started shooting when I was about four or so. I got my first deer at 14 and I still own the rifle I shot it with. I helped design, field, and test weapons and I used them for real in the combat zone. I likely know more about weapons and their use than any other ten people you’re likely to come across. I wrote US military war fighting doctrine regarding certain weapon systems. I own guns, all kinds. I’m rated an expert shot with either hand. I teach guns. I’ve taught guns for nearly 30 years now, I am a professional Rangemaster trained at the Smith&Wesson Rangemaster Academy. I used to shoot professionally, I trained with law enforcement and military instructors. I spent my entire life in the military, in warzones around the world. I have a Concealed Carry Permit and I used to have an FFL (I got tired of paying the annual fee, so I let it lapse).

    I know something about guns.

    I’ll tell you something: the ignorant, illiterate, and cognitively challenged NRA nuts who troll this site every time I post something about guns are the very last people I would allow on my range or allow to handle weapons anywhere near me or mine. If you’re taking orders from Ted Nugent, you are fucking insane. These people are every bit as insane as the murderous lunatics described in the text above who thought that guns were a solution for their own personal inadequacies.

    The other thing that hurts is that the writer doesn’t ‘pick villains’ but points out that:

    What I actually said was that all the arguments were oh so tediously predictable.

    What I said was the usual folks would call for gun control.

    What I said was then in response the usual folks would scream about Nazis and fascism and explain why nothing ever can work and how dead kids are just the price you pay for freedom.

    What I said was that nothing, absolutely nothing, will change. The slaughter will continue. The argument will continue. And nothing will change because we will not let it change, we would rather die than allow a reasoned conversation to take place, let alone any action of any kind.

    What I said was that we can’t even have the conversation.

    And that is exactly what is happening, because that’s what always happens. Every. Single. Time.

    For all I know you have linked to this several times since it first came out, but even if you have, it deserves another look. (And please don’t argue ‘false equivalence’ because, barring institutionalizing the entire other side, somehow we have to find away past the blockages and HAVE THE CONVERSATION.

  3. So the question has been asked.

    Please believe one thing; given human nature, it will NOT be a simple matter to address this, and the greater the conscious effort, the less painful the outcome.

    It may gradually come to pass that as America keeps going on this way, it will come to earn a ‘second world’ status, which is to say that for all its first world trappings, it has an ingrained ugliness that only refugees being shot at at home would consider going there. Eventually the European union will work out its kinks and will be comparable to America in size, but considerably more desirable.

    Already in places like Canada and parts of South America, real estate values are getting silly expensive because the social infrastructure makes genuine progress, making those places highly desirable to live in. Not so, America.

    Eventually this will be come known by most Americans (not just Democrats), and they’ll become more receptive to the idea of rewriting the social contract, but others wont, and secession will rear its head between the Red and Blue states.

    Secession would probably be messy and largely unsatisfying, given the involvement of the same types of minds that gave you the original problematic document.

    It’s for this reason I’ve been advocating the contentious project of simply fabricating a new contract as a forward-looking project. Sure there will be a ton of derision, but eventually there will be an agreement to migrate toward, at whatever pace suits any particular state.

    It will be an effort of this magnitude that should get America out of its stagnation.

    • To your point, I just finished reading this book, and while it’s hard to compare a country of 300 million with one of just a few million, the “help your neighbor” attitude stands in stark contrast to America’s cult of the individual. I know which society I’d rather live in.

  4. Mary Wilson

    Yes, this expert writer is correct BUT we need to approach the root cause and make the repeated conversation go toward fixing the problem with truth. He does NOT mention the fact that the gun makers continue to be the underlying evil. Some are well known, like his ‘Smith & Wesson’, some are never mentioned in a conversation about the billions grossed in SALES of guns (especially the little gun factory in PA that makes to scale guns for CHILDREN with catchy names like a pink one called “Cricket” for little girls, age 5 and up.)
    These producers of DEATH allow the NRA, nuts like Nugent and others to keep up the hate rhetoric of any one or any group to get lawmakers to tighten laws about guns, who is allowed to buy, sell, open carry or register who buys which guns, AND KEEP RECORDS OF THESE POTENTIAL CRIMINALS.. State Legislators are so intimidated, like here in Tennessee that since 2008, they have passed MORE AND MORE LIBERAL ALEC laws.

    This is how and why shooters like yesterday were able to buy KILLING WEAPONS, repeating guns, with NO RECORD kept of their purchase, or registration, In fact they can now buy “registration for LIFE with NO record Kept anywhere of sale of any weapons in their possession.
    Then it comes down to “MOTIVE” to explain away the horror of murders to the families of the lost…and make sorry excuses to the public. So. When will this country wake up and have a NEW conversation and demand that promotion of allowing nuts, hate-filled young men to be answerable to the legal system before we have more KILLINGS?” And it will then be explained as .”because,, well, he was insane…at the time he committed the crimes”.

    Here in Knoxville we have had 3 shootings in Knoxville, two of young boys killing other young boys, and one a gang murder of a 26-year old. My question is this to our Legislature: Where did the guns used in these killings come from? And when are you, the GOP super majority in Nashville going to stop bowing to the NRA gun makers and make it harder for the stupid, to get their hands on weapons that KILL? I don’t believe you have the guts to do a damned thing….

    • As I said after the Charleston shootings, hate is the cause, guns are the tool. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to completely get rid of hate but we can try to control the tools.

      • Mary Wilson

        Thanks, SB. I appreciate your take on this, and what I tried to say in a page, you covered my angst and my truths in 2 sentences!

  5. Randy

    All the above are fine comments but they are written for reasonable people. You can’t reason with madness.

  6. I was over at Gin’n”Tacos yesterday and was getting the usual “well, you’re not offering anything sensible” and “you’re unhinged” responses from one of his regulars and another guy who, oddly enough, only seems to post on threads about gunz.

    I told the first guy he was full of shit. I told the second one, “Fuck you.”. I do not debate with those assholes, it’s a waste of time to debate with people who willfully lie.

  7. Just noticed the one about the Navy recruiter. He might be in some deep shit with his commander. The military, in general, frowns on their people bringing non-issue weapons into the office.

  8. Mary Wilson

    To me, Demo, I think you are referring to the young Navy Enlisted hero who was one of the murdered, ,having a fire arm at a Recruiting Station. When it was pointed out by the media in answer to questions, that situation is already being re-considered by the military decision-makers which will increase security and safety. It is a shame that 5 Servicemen, ALL heroes, had to be killed for the rule to change.

    • Mary:

      I’m not getting what you’re saying.

      The naval recruiter who shot himself was in Gainesville, GA; the attack in which the service members were killed was in Chattanooga. People carrying firearms to work, when using them is not part of their regular duty, are generally not well enough trained to handle them in conditions other than the specific ones that they WERE trained for.

      It is sad that five (or six) people lost their lives because of one man’s misguided zealotry.

      • Sorry, Demo, so many shootings, I am old and confused. And thanks for clearing up part of my confusion. You are right. The Marines and Sailor who were murdered did not have access to weapons and did not have any at their place of work. And yes, I do agree that ordering all recruiting offices to have them at work would be a Big Mistake, unless a lot more training is also ordered.

  9. Glidwrith

    I think we should stop referring to the NRA as the source of these problems and start calling the gun manufacturers for whom they are the frontmen what they are: arms dealers. Associate them with every cretinous low-life, two bit backstabbing hustler and third world drug lord.

    It even has the beauty of being true since the U.S. actually is the premier supplier of guns to the rest of the world. Just as ammosexual is becoming more widespread, referring to these people as arms dealers changes them from patriotic suppliers to something far darker.

    I would also recommend Stonekettle Station. He has a post recommending that all of the safety rules that the NRA once advocated for when it was a responsible organization be made into force of law. Your gun goes off, that is a crime from misdemeanor to felony depending on whether anyone was hurt. It is a great read and quite sensible.

    • Perhaps in keeping with the seemingly ad hoc collection of ‘Firearms, drugs, and alcohol’, the common thread being a weakness, a predilection for wanting these psychological crutches, they should all be dealt with in a similar fashion: let it be known that these are not items to be let loose on the public in general.

      Engaging them DEMANDS responsible behaviour, otherwise the legal consequences are near-summary. The ‘oops, it went off by accident’ cannot be a defence, in the same way that alcohol imparement isn’t a defence for vehicular manslaughter. You want it, you eat the consequences of irresponsible behaviour.

      Needing to keep guns around in case wild animals, robbers, serial murderers, or government oppressors may kick in the door, hasn’t proven to be a satisfactory strategy: It seems that the medicine does considerably more harm than good.

  10. I like the comments about STONEKETTLE and the reminder of what the NRA once stood for — and, this will be a shock to some of you — the members seem still to support. (The NRA has its own sins, ferKroo’sake, but I think sometimes we blame it for the rhetorical insanity of Larry Pratt and the Gun Owners of America — deliberately set up because the NRA was not radical enough — or as welcome to racists and bigots as anything run by Pratt is bound to be. (Remember, Pratt has the unique experience of being fired by Pat Buchanan for racism.

    I’d like to add some extra rules to those, that all guns have a serial number, all transactions of any kind need to be recorded, possession of a gun with a filed-off serial number should be a felony in itself. and (as with cars) the last recorded owner is liable for any damage caused by the gun unless he has reported it stolen in a timely fashion — and that that rule be applied to manufacturers and dealers as well.

    [And on a totally different topic, any chance of you starting a weekly open thread? We are getting to know each other well enough that I’m sure some of us have topics we know would be of interest to the group, but we hate to toss something totally off the wall into an interesting and focused discussion. So I can’t figure how to recommend the hilarious ImPASTOR TV show — on TVLAND — as sure as I am that most of you will enjoy at least the pilot.]

  11. Yes, Jim I agree that recording serial numbers would be a great help, but in TN, that would not be possible. In one of the ALEC laws, the new rule is that gun owners do NOT want their registration recorded in any data that could be searched…like in a background check. Until we ordinary citizens can pull our GOP super majority out of the control of the manipulators, like gun makers, it will be impossible to touch them.
    And I think a public newsletter or discussion group would be great!

  12. onyxpnina

    I cannot wait until the guns achieve sentience and refuse to fire.

    Yes, I know.