Mike Huckabee’s STFU Moment

Apparently Mike Huckabee just said this on Fox News:


At what point do you stop digging your Holocaust hole?


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16 responses to “Mike Huckabee’s STFU Moment

  1. the whole family reminds me of the survivors of failed medical experiments from the 1930’s when they tried to give life to tree stumps.

      • Eykis

        Ole Huckajesus is insane and I find his particular brand of hatred and racism most vile. He is not running for office, he is grifting, again.

    • Kathleen

      Or, as my ex husband once said about the citizens of a certain state we were driving through (not Tennessee, Ms Beale), “They look like they eat paste and marry their cousins.”

  2. At what point do you stop digging your Holocaust hole?

    When it stops getting you attention. Good attention, bad attention, it doesn’t matter. The Huckster just wants the cameras pointed his way for a change.

  3. But what the hell is the nut talking about? Did he really go visit a camp with an oven?

    • Well, the Holocaust reference is that he compared the Iran agreement to President Obama marching the Israelis to the oven.

      But as for standing in front of that oven? I have no fucking clue. I guess he’s just super oppressed or something.

    • Not to mention that the ovens were not where they actually killed anyone; they were just there to dispose of the bodies. It was the showers- which doubled as gas chambers- where mass killings took place. Well, that and the starvation, disease, and occasional mass shooting.

  4. I live in Tennessee where the Huckster is fairly popular and as a born and bred southerner Huckabee represents that vile and delusional brand of southern gentleman who can disarm and distract with an awe shucks ma’am while he ventures off into a fantasy land rhetoric that is vile and dishonest. He is more Elmer Gantry than he is human.

    • I remember when all the Kewl Kids in the evangelical crowd were supporting Huckster. These were the “compassionate conservative” kids — they care about AIDs in Africa and want to help the homeless, maybe not persecute gays so much. But now this new, bigoted, intolerant Hucksterbee is a far different animal from that old one who was governor of Arkansas. I wonder what the hell happened.

  5. Randy

    I suppose suggesting the Sylvia Plath solution for Mr. Huckabee would be in poor taste as well.

  6. The key is the FAUX Debate — which only includes the top ten based on an average of 5 National Polls — which ones they won’t say. So right now anybody at or near the bubble is Trumpeting to get enough name recognition that they will squeak in. I thought he was a cinch, but maybe he doesn’t think so, but it is going to be deadly, and hopefully will increase the rapidly splitting Republican Party.

    (Anyone wanna guess how many parties will be seriously competing for electoral votes. My guess is at least four.

  7. Shutter

    There’s no downside to right-wing extremism until you start wearing a swastika armband. And even that will only solidify your position with part of the mob. Talking about the holocaust, Jews and the ‘ovens’ is a win-win for both edges of his constituency.. the compassionate Xtians and the nazi-fixated bug-eyed mouth breathers.

    • “he compassionate Xtians and the nazi-fixated bug-eyed mouth breathers.”

      I think there’s a fair amount of overlap in that Venn diagram.

  8. This jackass actually thinks he’s a Christian when actually he’s just a common asshole. I agree with some above, he ain’t running for president. He’s just faken’ it for the rubes.