Pardon My Absence

Well, hello! Bet you’ve been wondering if I’ve fallen into a hole or something. Actually, my computer died and I’m posting this via a cellphone, which is torture. Semi-regular posting should resume next week.


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  1. Hey, glad you are still THERE; when you return, please cover the fact that the NRA/2nd Amendment nuts shot themselves in the foot about carrying their ‘pieces in all public parks, in concerts, big celebrations and stadiums ! AND you might want to check into how this will negatively effect future events in Tennessee, the gun-lovers capitol of the world…HA!

  2. *waves*



  3. Kathleen

    I miss you, Ms. Beale, and wish you the best in your computer recovery efforts. I am “Griddicted” (can’t live without TV or Internet and I’m smart phone challenged so I don’t do much internet stuff on it) so I admire your ability to just flow with it. I’d be in the fetal position sucking my thumb but that’s me.

  4. Whew! And make sure you cover the ‘Armadillo that Shot Back.

  5. SiubhanDuinne

    We need you back! People keep shooting each other.

    ETA: And what Jim “Prup” Benton said 🙂

  6. Southern Beale:

    I’ve been sans home internet for a little over a year and the notebook I use has a battery life of about an hour. There are a few people who are saddened by my lack of intertoobz invectivity, the majority–not so much.

    Hurry back, we need ALL of the things you do.

  7. I add my own ‘hurry back’ but do hope this brief absence gives some of your regular readers a chance to add to their own blogroll. There are a few ‘small, in-state’ blogs that are on my daily read list. Of course anyone who comes here should go to Juanita Jean;s but that is obvious. But add the following to the same ‘daily check-in list that BEALE is on:

    KY: (and my favorite blog name EVAH): ZANDAR VS THE STUPID


    LA:Three but all worth it: CENLAMAR (Lamar White and Zack Koplin should be declared national treasures); Bob Mann’s SOMETHING LIKE THE TRUTH; and Tom Aswell’s LOUISIANA VOICE

    NV: A lot of good local blogs folded, but DESERT BEACON still does the best economic blog on the web — yes, including Krugman

    and a new addition, but one with two major posts just recently put up:

    FL: SEMINOLE DEMOCRAT (Archie Bunker as the obvious Republican choice — except he had a capacity for growth that the Trump lacks. But keep going down the page and read about another ‘worst person in the world — The trailer park owner who told her residents that anyone who received a food donation from a local charity would be evicted,

    Anybody have their own additions. Most of us know about the Big Blogs, but I’ve always felt the best coverage and also best people are on the smaller. more personal blogs — who also tend to actually go back to the local accounts of stories instead of simply repeating what the next pundit in the circle has said.

  8. Don’t know if I triggered a spam block or what. I had tried to put up a list of other blogs, similar to BEALE’s — at least in the tone, local nature, and friendliness of commenters, but it seems to have gone bye-bye. I won’t repeat the whole list, but will drop a few names as this regrettable absence goes on.

    Two deserve immediate mention. One is my favorite blog name EVAH!, the KY-based ZANDAR VERSUS THE STUPID, worth a daily-look in.

    The second is a new discovery and, apparently, one that gets a new post every week or so, SEMINOLE DEMOCRAT. The current lead compares Archie Bunker and Donald Trump. It’s worth reading, but the ‘unmissable’ piece gives another ‘worst human being in the world’ candidate, the trailer park owner who sent a letter to the residents telling them that if they accepted food donations from a local charity they would be evicted,

    Recipients included an 81-year old diabetic who had lived there for over thirty years. *Now if we could only get her to wear a lion costume at a dentist convention… which may be the closest I’ve ever come to breaking a rule about wishing physical harm in a comment.

  9. Is WP having problems with comments (or cites) again? I twice tried to post a couple of places that people could check out while we wait for SB to return, and neither one went through. So I’ll just mention the names, ZANDAR VS. THE STUPID and SEMINOLE DEMOCRAT — and tell you to read about the trailer park owner who sent a letter telling her residents that if they accepted food donations from a local charity, they would be evicted.

  10. ThresherK

    Someone of your particular voice needs a vacation.

    However, welcome back. I would be lying if I said I’d like you to be out at the same time that Jon Stewart is leaving TV hours before the first Klown Kar Kavalcade hits the airwaves.

    (Yes, I misspelled it that way on purpose. No, I won’t apologize.)