Congratulations, Shawn Fuller! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour


It’s so adorable that all of the gun nuts trolling my blog offer “prayers” …. and absolutely nothing of substance. Prayers? Really? Ain’t working, assholes. God apparently doesn’t give a shit about thousands of children injured or killed by guns in America every year. And apparently neither do you.



Just your average North Carolina gun enthusiast, enjoying his Second Amendment right to shoot at everything — including his kids:

Officials in Iredell County, North Carolina state that a man shot his two young sons before turning the gun on himself.

Shawn Fuller, 31, shot and killed his sons, ages 3 and 4, then turned the gun on himself in an attempted suicide on Saturday. Fuller was life flighted to Carolinas Medical Center with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, reports WCNC.


Sheriff Darren Campbell says that Fuller had been drinking and that he had gotten into a verbal altercation with his son’s mother. Reportedly, the mother fled the home and shortly after Fuller shot both of his sons.

By the way, this is not to be confused with the tragic domestic violence attack out of Texas, where another unstable misogynist slaughtered his entire family after his ex changed the locks on their house.

But back to Mr. Fuller. It turns out he is just your typical redneck gun enthusiast/paranoiac:

Fuller’s next door neighbor, Ronnie Patterson, told local media that Fuller and his family moved into the home around Christmas of last year. He says that Fuller often fired guns in his backyard.

Patterson said that Fuller shot at milk jugs, cans, and trees. He said it was not uncommon for Fuller and his friends to be drinking while they were shooting guns.

Patterson says that the shooting happened so often that it caused his girlfriend to move out of his home a few months ago. Patterson described Fuller as paranoid. He says Fuller constantly talked about being worried someone would break into his home.

At the link you can find a picture of the family, all decked out in American flag T-shirts:

In better times, when he open-carried.

In better times, when he open-carried.

They’re always responsible gun owners, protecting themselves and their families. Until they’re not.


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39 responses to “Congratulations, Shawn Fuller! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. 15 people dead in three incidents over the weekend–and none of it has anything to do wit teh gunz.

  2. … gosh … two wonderful little boys …

  3. Ronnie Patterson Jr

    “It turns out he is just your typical redneck gun enthusiast/paranoiac:”
    No turns out he was just a stupid ass yankee from New York

    • You think they don’t have rednecks in New York?

    • Plenty of rednecks in Upstate NY, it’s an attitude, not a skin condition.

    • Upstate is as red as a redneck can get, I’m willing to bet money that creep isn’t from the city. Hell, you don’t even have to go upstate, Long Island is crawling with right wing crazies.
      The south doesn’t hold all the rednecks, backwards thinking people are everywhere, the south just takes an unusual amount of pride in their stupidity so we hear more from them but they don’t hold a monopoly on rednecks.
      I’ve even seen the confederate flag flying on a trailer in Maine, something about heritage I guess.

  4. Beth

    I’m literally nauseous. Two children just died and you are throwing a tantrum about the “typical redneck gun enthusiast.” Never mind that a mother has just had her children slaughtered by a man she thought she loved and trusted. Never mind a woman lost her only grandchildren. Never mind an Uncle had to call 911 on his own brother as his nephews died. 
Just continue to be an entitled little baby and throw your fit. No need to feel any human emotion at the thought of a man doing something so horrifying that he destroyed the lives of his entire family. Keep pushing your agenda at the cost of the peace and privacy of the victims.

    • Yes it is nauseating. But I’m not the one you should be mad at. You should be angry that some irresponsible gun humping open carry paranoiac who routinely got drunk and fired off his guns and was convinced someone was going to rob him never had his guns taken away from him. Those kids would still be alive today if we had some gunsense in this country, instead of a fearmongering NRA telling everyone they need to be armed to the teeth against some mythical “threat.” The threat are the people who buy their bullshit. But oh, who will think of the children? Indeed. Take your sanctimonious bullshit and shove it, lady.

      • Rick

        Hey man, this is my family. The deal is Shawn suffered from some kind of phyc problem. He mixed that with stress, beer and emotions And he snapped. that same situation could have happened with a Knife. SHAWN LOST HIS MIND. Try not to use this to fuel your political bullshit.

      • Beth

        No, I have every right to be mad at you. You accuse the NRA of fear-mongering when you are doing the same thing, using the deaths of children no less. Let these families grieve. What they are going through is torturous enough without people like you running your mouths. I am upset with him. I am angry. What he did was disgusting and there is no excuse for it. But I also know members of his family who are wonderful people and they do not deserve what you are putting them through. Because they DO see these things. They see you using the deaths of two beautiful children to make your pathetic little argument. You think you’re being some kind of hero but all you are doing is causing pain to a family going through hell. You’re disgusting. Shawn killed his children, you’re twisting the knife. You are sickening.

      • My argument is pathetic? MY argument is pathetic? No, honey. What is pathetic is allowing psychos and drunks to stockpile weapons. What the fuck did these people think was going to happen? Go away and take your false concern for the children with you. If anyone gave a crap about children in this country we wouldn’t turn a blind eye to thousands of them being slaughtered by gun violence. NO other developed country in the world allows this to happen, then throws up its hands and says “ah well, price of freedom I guess!”

        Fuck off.

      • Rick, my sympathies and prayers go out to you and you family. We do not take good care of our mentally ill in this country, so much could have been done for Shawn. Southern Beale, you are exactly right. Shawn had psychological problems and common sense gun laws could have stopped this terrible tragedy. Beth, funny how the gun lobby NEVER wants to talk about gun sense after one of their own snaps and something terrible happens. We honor the victim’s by trying to make site something is done to prevent further tragedies and you get on your high horse, call it exploitation and scold and lecture those of us who hope to see the last of this type of horror. When would be a good time to talk about protecting our children, hmmmm?

    • Beth:

      Do you get annual leave and a yearly bonus or does the NRA just pay you by the hour?

      Oh, you’re not in their employ? Sorry, but if you’re going to do their work for them (not that it “works” here, you should be paid well for doing so.

      • I never made a pro-gun argument in my reply, so I don’t know where you’re getting that from. And I won’t make any argument pro or against guns using this story because it’s disgusting to push your cause while a family is tying to grieve and maintain some degree of privacy. That was my entire point in my reply, so thanks for actually reading it.

    • Rick

      This is my family you are all going on about. we are still suffering through this. SHAWN had some phyc issues. If you want to blame something or feel the need to. Blame Alchole and phyc issues combined with a lot of emotion and stress. No excuse for this tragic event. But don’t use it to fuel your political views please.

      • Why the fuck didn’t you take his guns away? Why the fuck did you allow him access to this firepower? I’m sorry you’re going through this but we’re under attack in this country by armed people with psychiatric issues. What will it take for people to do what needs to be done? People who snap with knives are a lot less lethal than people who snap with guns. Don’t be a fucking idiot and let your psychotic, addicted family member have access to firepower. I’m over this bullshit. Nancy Lanza gave her kid gun range lessons and we lost an entire fucking elementary school.

  5. “Just continue to be an entitled little baby and throw your fit.”

    Do you own a mirror?

  6. I am a retired major city police officer with more experience with domestic firearms violence than I care to think about. I am curious about suggestions that you (Southern Beale) would make to solve this problem. I personally favor mandatory entry of mental illness issues which is not now the case. Other than that, what would you propose.

    • That’s a really good question. There are a few things that come to mind. For one thing, close the loopholes that allow people with a record of mental illness to buy guns. I’d go further and make all gun transactions require a background check. Like we do with cars — you don’t just give your kid a car, it has to be licensed and registered.

      California recently enacted a gun violence restraining order law that would go a long way toward preventing this kind of thing. If “Rick” is to be believed and the family knew that Shawn had “psych” problems, addiction issues, and was amassing guns, this kind of restraining order would have allowed them to remove the guns, require hospitalization, etc. Similarly, the neighbors of this family had complained about all the drunken gunfire. That should have been enough for law enforcement to take action.

      And finally, there’s personal responsibility. Again, we have a family member saying they knew that this guy had mental issues and they knew that he had guns. So why didn’t THEY do something? Why didn’t they take the guns or the children or preferably BOTH out of the home? Why just sit back and wait for the inevitable to happen? We all know when Grandpa and Grandma are too old to drive you take away the keys. If someone is too fucked up and irresponsible to have a gun, why don’t family members step in? Do you need to wait for a law to tell you to do the right thing?

      This is why people like Beth piss me off. It’s never the right time to talk about this stuff. It’s always “too soon.” “Don’t politicize the issue,” they say. “How dare you try to score a political point off the deaths of these children.” Fuck that shit. If we don’t talk about it now, when DO we talk about it? We don’t say that when Grandad plows his car into a street festival because he mistakes the gas for the brake, do we? We have a big national conversation about “when it’s time to take dad’s car keys away from him.” Why do we let gun loons bully us into silence when there’s a gun tragedy?

      And it’s not just the parents. Nancy Lanza had a crazy kid and she took him shooting for sport. That’s a bunch of bullshit. Look what happened. He took her guns, killed her, then slaughtered kids at an elementary school. SOMEONE should have said, “Hey your kid is messed up and shouldn’t be playing with guns.” That would have been a big start. Takes a village, yada yada.

      Finally, we need to get past this idea that guns are some little plaything. Or can be equated with cars or knives or swimming pools or anything else made and sold for another purpose entirely which might cause fatal harm. Guns are made for one purpose only: to kill. They’re not toys. They’re not therapeutic tools. They’re not, for crissakes, bacon cooking devices.

      • GG

        Thank you, Southern Beale for having common sense and a brain! Seems like everything BUT the fact that he owned guns is at fault here. If that was my family he would be in a psychic institution and not at home alone with guns and his toddlers. Afterwards they all yell, this was my family! Should have done that before. What a scary thought that someone like that walks around with guns. Even more scary that people are so ignorant that they don’t see the real issue here.

      • Who even knows if it really was their family. It’s the internet, everything is suspect. If it was my family I sure as hell wouldn’t be trolling blog posts about it. I’d be making funeral arrangements.

  7. Randy

    Mr. Sword,

    Please describe mandatory entry of mental illness issues. Thx.

    • If someone is involuntarily committed to a mental health facility, that information should be submitted to the national background database. Its is done now in an haphazard fashion. It means people like the Charleston shooter slip through the cracks.

      • And another thing we need to do is stop these ridiculous physicians’ gag orders. And we also need to start PROSECUTING gun negligence. And I don’t mean by arresting a 10-y-o who accidentally shoots his sister. But by prosecuting the parents who negligently leave guns lying around. Or leave children unsupervised with guns. These things are haphazard and done by locality. We need a consistent, federal standard. Which will get the gun loons in a big gummint tizzy but this weird patchwork of state and local regulations is ridiculous.

  8. Kyle Harris

    Media blows it up again . God bless those boys. God bless their mother. This dude had issues from day one I’ve known him since I was a kid. He’s always been a loose cannon. So to the family my thoughts are with you and to the media get your head out of your ass and understand if you get rid of legal ownership of guns all you’re doing is letting the bad people keep theirs. Shawn didnt even have a permit you stupid fucks. If he didn’t have a gun he would have used a knife , if he didn’t have a knife a fucking rock then remember someone had to squeeze the trigger and that person is the problem just as much as you piece of shit reporters.

    • Yeah I just love how there’s never anything we can do about it. Crazy people just have to run amok through our society. Throw our hands up. Not a damn thing to be done! Oh well! Constitution, you know! Hey, knives, you know! Get your own head out of your ass, idiot. This doesn’t happen anywhere else but here. If there’s a crazy right wing gun nut fuckup in your life then do something about it. He shouldn’t have had access to guns OR children.

  9. Randy

    I can feel the sweet love of Jesus.

  10. Cody

    I knew the kid since probably 4th grade. He had some issues but I talked to him a few years back and he seemed to be doing good for himself. But from what I read and hear he had changed a lot since the last I saw him!! My heart broke when I heard about his boys

  11. AMT

    “You must not hate those who do wrong or harmful things; but with compassion, you must do what you can to stop them — for they are harming themselves, as well as those who suffer from their actions.”
    – Dalai Lama XIV

  12. AMT

    “Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.”
    – Dalai Lama XIV
    Please take this into consideration, family members. My brother is mentally ill and has been under medication and is institutionalized. As soon as he showed signs of paranoid schizophrenia and violence at the age of 17 we took him to court to have him committed because doctors and the judge determined he would be of harm to himself and others. It was our education on mental illness, courage and lack of ignorance that guided us to make this very difficult but responsible and compassionate decision. We’ve done our part as American citizens to protect our community from gratuitous violence and harm toward other human beings.

  13. “If someone is involuntarily committed to a mental health facility,”

    That’s not a bad start.

    If someone has had a restraining order; has committed assault against anyone not twice their size and the same sex; has ever pulled a gun on somebody (I think the newspeak is “brandishing”; if they’ve ever decided that a gun is reasonable accessory to carry to the bar–and other actions far too numerous to mention then they should forfeit their right to own ANY firearms until a psychiatric board says that they’ve worked through their issues..

    “Shawn didnt even have a permit you stupid fucks. If he didn’t have a gun he would have used a knife , if he didn’t have a knife a fucking rock then remember someone had to squeeze the trigger and that person is the problem just as much as you piece of shit reporters.”

    Dear Trollhole, Kyle Harris:

    I live in NY, fuckface, why don’t you bring your macho ‘tude up here and kick my ass, shit-for-brains?

    Rocks, knives, baseball barsand all sorts of other things were available, but he used a gun. Why? because he was a fucking coward.