Blame Gay Marriage


He’s released a statement: says he’s been a hypocrite, everyone wants prayers, etc. etc.


I could have died a happy woman not knowing that Josh Duggar enjoys giving oral sex, but this is the age of the internet, so no such luck. The family values/pedophile dude famous for crusading against gay marriage and fondling his sisters has just been outed for having not one but two paid Ashley Madison accounts, which I’m sure is just the first of many such revelations about to fall. Schadenfreude, it’s what’s for dinner.

I’m sure he was just looking for nice ladies to pray for, right?


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15 responses to “Blame Gay Marriage

  1. Jill Meyer

    I’d be even happier to see Jim Bob’s name on the list. Also, every Republican running for president. Plus those two Republican Michigan state senators. The list I have in my Democratic mind is endless…

    • Kathleen

      Plus “The Village”. I’d love to see the Village People taken down.

    • Democrats aren’t the ones lobbying against gay marriage because it will destroy traditional marriages, though. The hypocrisy of conservative activists like Josh Duggar is staggering.

      • Jill Meyer

        Yes, of course! No, what I meant that AS a life-long Democrat, I would love to see those very hypocrites I hate so much, be exposed for what they are. Last night, while sitting at the opera in Santa Fe, listening to “Rigoletto”, I made a list in my mind about all those people I would love to see on the list, beginning with Mitt Romney and those five odious sons. The list soon became endless, so I turned my attention back to the opera.

        By the way, “The Notorious RBG” was in the audience. She comes out every year to Santa Fe for a couple of weeks of Opera going and relaxation.

      • Mary Wilson

        Well, here in Knoxville, we have a City Mayor who does believe in Equality for All, especially for the right to marry the person one loves. She is running for re-election with NO OPPONENTS to contend with. And our official Knox County Democratic Party in March elected our first gay leader, a young activist who was the driving force to establish the UT Campus Workers Union, which is now state-wide. And y’all might have noticed that Monday and Tuesday, Haslam, in the same way as his cohort, Scott Walker intends to privitize ALL public departments, buildings, schools, State Parks including the Smokey Mountains. Then he intends do away with ALL the union jobs state wide and OUTSOURCE these jobs, the ones not CUT, to new people, who will be willing to take those union jobs and work for pennies, with NO or FEW benefits. I did swerve from the subject of “reality shows” but this outrage is our reality here in Koch owned Tennessee.

      • A.J.

        I created a “Republican Family Values” file back in 2000 after the Reich-wing went on their traditional family values tear over Bill Clinton. I have multiple HUNDREDS of names, ALL of them Republican. Admittedly I only look for Republicans, and when looking I’ll find a Democrat here and there, but – overwhelmingly – I find Republicans.

  2. Mary L. Wilson

    Oh, lordy, SB, I wonder what the Duck Dynasty preacher has to say…all this fake reality crap was just that…crap….not that we don’t have really sick, really public examples like the Subway creep. I will have a problem from now on ordering a six inch.

    • Every time I hear somebody talking about their favorite reality show, I feel compelled to remind theme that having a guy with a FUCKING VIDEO CAMERA taping your activities is pretty much not gonna be “Reality”.

      • Actually, DemoC, the only actual ‘reality shows’ on tv are sports and — maybe — courtroom shows. (At least Judge Milian and Judge Faith, Judy is a clown car all her own, Hmm, wonder why no one has suggested her as #18, she at least has slightly more experience than Carly or Donald in real politics.)

        On another topic, have you seen the story about the Detroit-area (Warren) Mayor who is trying to get flamethrowers banned in his town. Not only is the idea a good one, his comment goes down as a classic in ‘simple answers to stupid questions’ lore.

        “You know something like this will be used by bad people for bad things.

        And how many pages have we used to say what he did in 14 words?

  3. Well in defense of this poor, wretched creature.

    He was home-schooled. So what chance did he have for a normal adolescence? Nothing. Zip.

    As far as I’m concerned, home-schooling is a form of child abuse.

  4. And Mr. Duggar apparently thought that child/sexual abuse was one form of home schooling

  5. I live for this stuff. Makes my day.

  6. A.J.

    Duggar wanted Oral sex? Both ways?

    Isn’t that one of those Biblical “abominations” we so often hear about from the Reich-wing evangelicals screaming about God’s wrath (looking at you Pat Robertson)?

    Now can we stone him…?