Where In The World Is Southern Beale

Some very interesting comments on my gun control thread below, thanks to everyone for the dialogue. Mr. Beale and I are on the road for our annual late summer excursion so my ability to participate has been limited. However, I do read all of the comments, even if I can’t always respond.

Three guesses where we are (hint: it’s my most favorite place in the world, or at least, top three):


When I get back to Nashville my hope is to be able to devote more time to the blog. This summer was brutal, my work schedule was insane, and I decided to scale back and take on a lighter workload this fall so I can devote myself to other things. So I hope that means I can get back to doing some of my regular postings, like Good News Friday and the Tennessee Gun Report.

Anyway, again I am thankful to you readers who humble me with your intelligent discussion and willingness to read my silly rantings. You make this thing fun.

More travel pics to come, even though guess which idiot left her camera at home this time? Me! Cell phones can’t do the beauty of this place justice.


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7 responses to “Where In The World Is Southern Beale

  1. Randy

    I was thinking Northern Cal or Pacific Northwest from the photo.

  2. Kathleen

    Love your blog Ms Beale and hope you and Mr B enjoy a wonderful vacation! Thanks for all you do.

  3. greennotGreen

    Puget Sound?

  4. Randy

    Vancouver BC?

  5. CB

    Wherever you are, enjoy yourself. You deserve it. Bon voyage!