I’m Not Sure A Wall Would Work Here

Funny to hear Scott Walker talking about building a wall on the Canadian border when I’m up here traveling through a place where it seems nearly impossible to build a wall. That’s British Columbia in the background, folks. Good luck walling this mother off:


And just to show you how glorious it is up here:


A couple of years ago we traveled through the Canadian Rockies, which also seems nearly impossible to wall off. Republicans are so fucking stupid.


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11 responses to “I’m Not Sure A Wall Would Work Here

  1. And the sad part is, they’re so blooming proud of themselves about it!

  2. The Republican voters are stupid for believing this crap, but the Republican candidates obviously know what will get their base fired up.

  3. Steve Benen has a wonderful faux naïf section about Walker’s Wall in today’s MaddowBlog:

    As the Republican governor may know – his home state is roughly along the northern border – the United States and Canada don’t simply share a lengthy land mass. There are these things known as the “Great Lakes,” which the two countries share. Even trying to build a giant wall through them would be … how do I put this gently … impractical.

    The alternative, of course, is building a water-front wall along U.S. states that border the lakes. Some folks might not like the view, but we’re either going to take border security seriously or we’re not, right?

    There’s also the not-so-small matter of Alaska. Even if a Walker administration takes up a plan to build a wall from Seattle to Maine, let’s not forget that the United States actually has two borders with Canada: one along Canada’s southern border, and then another along Canada’s northwestern border. Indeed, the border Alaska shares with British Columbia and Yukon Territory (about 1,500 miles) is almost as long as the border the continental United States shares with Mexico (about 1,900 miles)

    • CB

      You beat me to the Great Lakes, Jim. 🙂 I lived on the shores of Lake Erie for 25 years. Yes, we share them, not that a d#$&wad like Walker would be even minimally conscious of something like that.

      How very presidential of him.

  4. Duke of Clay

    I think the whole thing is BS. I just moved from NH after a 12 year stint 75 minutes from the border. In all that time the only complaints I heard about border security were from communities on the border whose lives were disrupted by added border security. E.G. the Canadian that had the last 10 feet of his driveway in the US and had to drive for 20 feet on a NH state road to get back to Canada. Then there was the town whose only gas station was in the US and its only restaurant was in Canada. The other complaint was INS setting up checkpoints on the interstate 110 miles from Canada. As a white boy from Mississippi, I always got waved through but it was still a damned inconvenience.

  5. Yes, it is OT — though I could argue I’m just giving you something to read on the way back home — but DESERT BEACON (who I’ve praised and recommended here in the past, and who is, along with you, among the six “smaller” bloggers I cite as ‘keeping the original idea of blogging alive,”) has come up with what might be <a href="https://desertbeacon.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/armed-and-dangerous-or-unarmed-and-disingenuous/the single best summing up of the anti-gun arguments I have ever seen. (Admittedly, you have to read the links as well, and some of them — especially the invaluable study from the Violence Policy Center “When Men Murder Women — are quite long, but I don’t have a better use of the time it will take.)

    As I’ve said in the past DB is masterful (“mistressful”?) on getting the facts and laying them out in a way that makes it almost impossible to refute her. I’m tempted to quote some of it — but I wouldn’t know where to stop.

  6. Shutter

    As long as I can be on the other side of the wall, go ahead.

  7. Randy

    Looks like those pesky Canucks are already on the way in their kayaks!

  8. I tell people that the reason for the ICE/Border Patrol having a pretty significant presence here is to deter the “Frostbacks” from walking here from Canadaistan when Lake Ontario freezes over.

    • I’m just sorry the Rochester-Toronto ferry didn’t survive. I vaguely recall one of the issues that sunk it (ok, lousy pun) was the cost of the Canadian Boarder Service outpost required at the terminal. To be honest, as much as the Rochester mayor may have taken a beating over the matter, I’m of the mind that it was our (Toronto) shortsightedness that was the true culprit.