Stop Her Before She Strikes Again

Boy reporter/gotcha man James O’Keefe is giving a press conference right now on the latest corruption scandal they’ve unveiled in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. And you’ll never believe what they’ve found:

While at Hillary’s kickoff rally in Roosevelt Island, New York City, a Canadian woman attempted to purchase Hillary souvenirs (specifically, give a donation in exchange for said souvenir). The Canadian woman was not a member of O’Keefe’s team, but was right next to one of his undercover journalist, who caught the whole incident on tape.

As the foreign national was about to make a donation to the Clinton campaign, two of Clinton’s senior staff members, Molly Barker (Marketing Director) and Erin Tibe (Compliance Manager), were present and remarked the illegality of the act. At first, they feebly attempted to turn down the money, until the Canadian citizen asked O’Keefe’s team member to buy the Hillary souvenirs for her. Tibe and Barker accepted the money and knowingly broke the law, allowing a foreign national to make an indirect contribution to a US presidential campaign.

OMG. A Canadian woman tried to buy a Hillary T-shirt. Quelle horreur! And then James O’Keefe’s team bought it for her and the Clinton campaign didn’t stop them!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

What a bunch of useless idiots.


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6 responses to “Stop Her Before She Strikes Again

  1. Frank Simpson

    Welcome to Trump World! 😦

  2. Mary L. Wilson

    Hey, that ‘boy reporter’s name sounds awfully familiar. Isn’t he the boy genius with the camera who made the disgusting videos, false and distorted videos at the Planned Parenthood centers, and then when he was ‘exposed’, he has yet to confess !

    • He did the ones where he was supposedly dressed up as a pimp, years ago. The ACORN videos. My how far they’ve fallen.

      • Mary L. Wilson

        AH HA. Another Wikileaks wannabe! And apparently we are going to have less and less true journalists on prime time TV, maybe cable….to counter the hate rhetoric with the Truth. Sadly, we have a few across Tennessee….the Tennessean, The Chattanooga Times Herald….good reporting! Some special at the Knoxville News Sentinel also.

  3. I told someone last night that I would be happy to learn that someone who was enraged by that asshole shot him in the face. That person thought I was kidding.

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