Congratulations, Christen Reece! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

After an evening of drinking and shooting guns with his buddies, this Second Amendment hero decided to show off how super-safe his gun is. What could possibly go wrong:

Reece was trying to get across how cool it was that his gun had a double-safety and therefore would never go off unexpectedly, and at some point — with plenty of alcohol still in his system — decided to demonstrate the nifty feature for his friends.

“He held the gun up to head, a little behind the temple area, and fired,” Molesa says. “He immediately dropped to the ground, and his acquaintances started freaking out, not sure what to do.”

He’s in the hospital in critical condition.


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8 responses to “Congratulations, Christen Reece! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. SiubhanDuinne

    Darwin contender.

  2. Kosh III

    Cull the herd

  3. It si important that the claims by the manufacturers be verified. It is also important to explore why the safety system failed. I recommend another 50 or 100 tests from the same gene pool.

  4. Can’t work out how to post the picture, but here’s the link:

  5. Quaker clerks would hardly ‘merit’ crowd funding appeals to people whose vision of Christianity is as narrow as these people — and other religions? fergeddaboudit. I would expect that most of them would even question whether Catholics are ‘truly Christian’ — and for some of them who have spoken about their definition, there’s no doubt about it, they aren’t.

    (The difference between ‘salvation through faith and works’ and ‘salvation through faith alone’ sounds like theological nit-picking, but it is a vital part of the difference between the two branches — and vital as well to the reason why the Protestant end of things tends to be so mean and vicious. I’ll refrain — unless begged — from a two page explanation, but simply point out that, theoretically, if Hitler had a sudden last-minute revelation, in the final 1/100th of a second of life, that ‘Jesus was the one true way of salvation’ — that is enough to get him into Heaven, where he could look down upon Gandhi, Herzl, Hillel, the Dalai Lama, and most of his own victims, forever barred from the pearly gates because their works are meaningless, only ‘faith’ counts.)

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    “Thus endeth today’s lesson.”

  6. And I actually had gotten into this, before my theological obsession got started, to link to this sign which could replace the ‘lady with the vapors’ in your heading.