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Seattle is a great graffiti town. People write on everything here. I thought this was a nice change to your typical “One Way” sign:

One Love

And Jim ‘Prup’ Benton, consider this your open thread.


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  1. My favorite Seattle graffiti: “I thought we had plans” 😞

    The famous Seattle freeze.

  2. Ken

    Don’t miss the signs in Fremont that declare it the center of the universe.

    • I’ve heard about them, but we didn’t make it up to Fremont except to cruise past on one of the Argosy locks tours. Touristy, I know, but hey. I’m a tourist … and it was a sunny day, and we wanted to be out on the water!

      • Ken

        If you ever get back check out the farmers market in Fremont on weekends.
        Probably one of the most eclectic assortment of items in one place that I have experienced.
        Used to be a site of some good Greek restaurants with occasional belly dancers in the evenings.

  3. So, you finally give me what I ask for, and I don’t get a chance to contribute, or time to check out a couple of things So I’ll just toss a couple of things in now, and maybe say more tomorrow.

    But I am getting more and more optimistic on the question of gun control. Yes, we’ve had a lot of set backs, and, yes, it seems as if nothing will move people — but then I began thinking that this is the way it always is. There is always a tipping point — and it doesn’t have to be the worst example that does it. There’s always something that gets inside of people, and all of a sudden the debate changes — visibly, if you are looking.

    Bull Connor, Matthew Sheppard, you can go as far back as the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, the radium poisoning that brought about the changes in the Pure Food and Drug Act in the Thirties, or the famous picture of the soldier assassinating a civilian (or, for that matter, My Lai). And, on a less lethal situation, the exposure of Agnew during the beginnings of Watergate and “have you no shame, Senator’.

    Again, it isn’t instantaneous, but the whole quality of the discourse changes, the assumptions being made — yes, by the MSM that the Progressives, always, before it happens, curse out. There’s still the usual ‘squishy babble’ but there are suddenly firm rocks in the squish, rocks we Progressives have been trying to get noticed. (Like the terms used about, and the tone used when mentioning the NRA, or the ‘gun show exception’ or the rest. Actually listen to what is being said — not of course on FAUX — and compare it to a similar story from a year ago, and you might find yourself surprised at the subtle differences — almost all in ‘our direction.’)

    And, slightly off topic, but magazines of different types have frequently been vital in the changes, but they’ve always been limited by that price tag in the corner. I think that SLATE, SALON, and most of all VOX are being the new ATLANTICS, NEW YORKERS, and the like, and they come not just free, but with stories recommended on any computer with Windows 8 or 10. And they have been both changing the terms of discourse and getting stronger on their own statements.

    Still the tv killings won’t be the last, and there will be a lot of people — including us — cursing at how slow the change is happening. But, unusually for what has been an extremely pessimistic year for me, on this one I am optimistic.

    And more and more blogs are doing reports on local gun deaths, similar to yours (but without your panache). Which leads me to the second topic I want to toss out there — in the next comment.

  4. Another thing I’ve hoped to bring up is the number of important small blogs out there, and maybe start spreading the word about some of them. JUANITA JEAN’S, DESERT BEACON, ZANDAR VS. THE STUPID, CenLAMAR and SOMETHING LIKE THE TRUTH — among other major Louisiana blogs — and RANDOM MUSINGS are all worth being put in the same category as our own neighborhood here. None have thousands of readers, but they all give solid coverage both of their own states and general subjects.

    Okay, I’ve got it started. Who wants to add their own list? What small, ideally state-oriented blogs are ones you wish other people knew about?

    • And this could have gone under either gun control or ‘blogs you gotta know’

      JOBSANGER was one I found from JUANITA JEAN’s. I’m just reading it for the first time and putting it on my bloglist. Ted McLaughlin might be a couple of small steps to my left — I would n;t have included Angela Davis on my list of heroes, for example — but he’s worth checking out — and he has come up with a nice selection of cartoons I HAVEN’T seen on sixteen other sites — and sometimes I can’t figure out why. Many of them are entirely new to me, sometimes even the source, and sometimes they are simply brilliant —

      Like this one.

  5. Oh, and if we do keep having these opens, there’s no reason to limit them to politics and the like. How do you feel about the return of DOCTOR WHO? Are you planning on watching Colbert’s first night, and live or on DVR? Any other tv you watch and are waiting to return?

    Or interesting discoveries at the supermarket, like Woeber’s mustard, or some of the Russian brands. And speaking of Russians and food, I’d never realized how ‘chocaholic’ they are, but every Russian store I shop in — there are a dozen near me, though some are no longer walkable — has 20-30 different brands of chocolate, from some where the label is all ion Cyrillic letterings to Godiva bars.

    Of course, there should be some general curmudgeonly grumbles from some of us, but I’ll leave that to somebody else … this time.

  6. Jim,

    You certainly don’t disappoint. Might have to sleep on some of this until a couple of days past the holiday. Dream on. Dream until your dream comes true.