Hard To Tell The Parody From The Real Thing

Someone made a parody of that Project Veritas Hillary Clinton “scoop” from last week.

Not bad for a bunch of kids.

Jim “Prup” Benton can consider this another open thread, since he wasn’t happy with the last one. THERE’S NO PLEASING YOU PEOPLE!


Actually, Jim, please consider every thread an open thread.


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9 responses to “Hard To Tell The Parody From The Real Thing

  1. I rhought that the “real thing” WAS a parody–of investigative journalism.

  2. ?????? I wasn’t happy about the last one? Where did you get that idea. I wasn’t happy with myself for not having enough topics to toss out, and how badly I said what I tried to — and how long it took me — but I loved the piece — and kept on saying how I hoped it would be a regular, weekly or so, feature.

    But I loved the thing itself, and get annoyed with myself when I find myself ‘highjacking’ a thread — which not uncommonly is more interesting, even to me than my diversion. That’s why I appreciate the offer — and with my weird mind will still probably toss in more than my share of irrelevancies — but I won’t take much advantage of it.

  3. Okay, a couple of more stories that have to be told — and which are usable against any New Yorker who brags about his city too much.

    For those who talk about ‘more guns mean more BRAVE HEROES firing back and saving the day, well, NYC cops have to take regular tests on the firing range. They’ve all been through what I expect is one of the more stringent gun courses at the Academy. (Despite failures like these, we do at least try harder than most cities.) There was a recent incident where 84 shots were fired — quite legitimately — at a fleeing murder suspect. 83 of them missed, only one actually hit the target.

    Then there Is the case of the diabetic prisoner who was begging for insulin — and the correction officers said ‘oh, he’s just coming down from the drugs we caught him selling’ and refused his request. The video of him dying in front of them has gotten more than a few hits. (I am not including cites because I always worry about two cites in one post — and because my back is making me end this. (Thnx, SB, for your concern above. 100% does not seem visible in the future, but things this year started with hospitalization, later turned up a severe Vitamin D deficiency, along with the usual leg problems and arthritis. Things have to improve.)