Congratulations, Unidentified WI Man! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

A Janesville WI man taking a selfie with his new gun had an oopsie:

JANESVILLE—A Janesville man who had just bought a shotgun apparently wanted to share the news with the world early Saturday morning. He took a “selfie” photo of himself with his purchase.

The gun went off at 1:34 a.m., blasting into the next apartment in the 300 block of Memorial Drive, police said. No one was hurt.

The man, 19, called police and at first said the gun discharged as he was cleaning it, said police Sgt. Todd Kleisner.

He later admitted he was taking a selfie in front of his bathroom mirror, Kleisner said.

The birdshot pellets penetrated the wall and entered a neighboring apartment’s bathroom.

Just another day in America.

Last weekend we got a scare when we heard a gun go off in our neighborhood. Everyone came out of their houses to make sure neighbors were OK. Still have not been able to find out where it came from. At least our Wisconsin hero was responsible enough to call the police, even if he first lied about what happened.


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2 responses to “Congratulations, Unidentified WI Man! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. Well…if being responsible means understanding that they are going to show up at the neighbor’s apartment and connect the dots.

  2. Koch Industries for Pres, 2016!

    The title of your blog post suggested a different kind of shotgun selfie.