Grab The Popcorn


Boehner’s Communications Director, yesterday:

“He’s not going anywhere,” said Boehner’s communications director Kevin Smith. “If there’s a small crew of members who think that he’s just going to pick up and resign in the middle of his term, they are going to be sadly mistaken.”

Nobody really saw this coming. Wow.


Bye, bye Boehner and boy it’s gonna be fun to see who the Teanuts rally behind. Personally, I hope they pick the craziest Wackaloon in the Tea Party caucus. Louie Gohmert? Marsha Blackburn? Steve King? Scott DesJarlais?

As we march into an election year, with the House of Representatives in the hands of the craziest of the crazy, whose only reason to exist is to grandstand and pout and tamp their widdew feet over Obamacare and abortion, I think a Speaker Gohmert or Blackburn would effectively kill off the Republican brand for good.

Good riddance.


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10 responses to “Grab The Popcorn

  1. Kosh III

    OMG. Speaker Marshamarshamarsha, the mind boggles.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me. The GOP is expecting Hillary to be the nominee, they’ll want a token woman in power to prove they’re not anti-woman. Someone in place who can throw bombs at Hillary without risk of being labeled a misogynist.

  2. I don’t know who’s the craziest Rep congressman, but whoever he is, I hope he gets selected, and wreaks havoc in the House .

  3. ThresherK (GPad)

    Boehner is the normalest one.

    Every time in the lasr 14 years (or more?) when an unfamiliar GOP House name made the news, said Congresscritter has been so many bubbles removed from sane that the level slid off the shelf and crashed to the floor.

    Remember the first time you heard of Gohmert or Ginny Foxx?

  4. Kathleen

    From 2008 to 2010 the First Congressional District in Ohio (Cincinnati) had a smart, hard working, Democratic congressman. When I asked him how he could stand Boehner, he said he liked him and could work with him.

  5. Shutter

    How many times does the Titanic have to hit the iceberg before its gone forever?

  6. I’m gonna miss that Kodiak bear! What joy we took every year during the SOTU when Biden smiled like he was proud of his own every time Obama made a great point and Böhner just tried desperately not to look uncool. Just to look the perfect amount sad and disappointed. We didn’t even realize that he was the best of the best the republicans had to offer. Even though it was right under our noses. Certainly took that great American for granted while we still had him.

    That’s about it for moral republicans for the time being.

    As far as the death knell for the republican party…

    Well, the sadistic presidency of GWB certainly should have ushered in this development. They might have saved themselves by simply agreeing not to run anyone in 2008.

    But as it is, the republican party seems to be alive and well, albeit in a rather malicious way/

  7. Randy

    Seems to be a theme in print media that Bo sacrificed himself to prevent a Gov’t Shutdown over Planned Parenthood but teanuts really don’t have the numbers to grab the Speakership. They just have the numbers to agitate. Popper warming up.

  8. Eykis

    Please, please, please, let it be Marsha the Lightbulb Moron so the people in Clarksville, particularly the 101st Airborne Air Assault will finally see that she hates the military and particularly the Veterans and votes against any aid they direly need and deserve. Wish Democrats would run a former 101st member to her seat! They would win~