Tennessee Gun Report

Time for another installment of Tennessee gunfail.

• September 28, 2015:

1- A Nashville man shot his 36-year-old girlfriend, thinking she was an intruder. She was supposed to be at work at the time. Oh, she died:

Lewis told officers that he was in the bedroom when he heard a noise, armed himself with a gun and went to investigate. He said he watched a figure exiting the kitchen area and fired one shot.

Crumpton was struck in the shoulder and was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where she later died.

Lewis, who police said is unemployed, said he believed that Crumpton was at work at the time of the shooting. Crumpton’s two children, ages 17 and 14, who were in school when the shooting occurred, received support from police chaplains, Aaron said.

Lewis was in police custody Monday and, Aaron said, detectives are expected to charge him with homicide sometime later in the day.

Something that always comes up in these stories is, how do we really know if the guy thought she was an intruder? Couldn’t he be lying? Of course he could be lying. That was the whole Oscar Pistorius defense. He thought his girlfriend was an intruder, so he shot her through the bathroom door five times. Ladies, if your man keeps a gun “for protection” just remember: he can always “mistake” you for an intruder when things head south. Just a thought.

This is why all of the statistics show that a gun kept in the home “for protection” is actually more likely to be used to harm you or someone you love. NRA talking point FAIL.

2- Another responsible gun owner responsibly forgot they had a loaded handgun in their carry-on bag at the Nashville airport. So responsible!

• September 26, 2015:

This is interesting. A gun stolen from a Michigan family way back in 1982 was discovered in Covington, TN when someone tried to sell it. When the serial number was checked it was revealed the gun had been stolen.

• September 25, 2015:

1- A Knox County man accidentally shot himself in the hand at the gun store where he works:

Clyde Wallace “Wally” Johnson, identified by authorities as a “company executive” of Craig’s Firearm Supply, 8761 Chapman Highway, told police he was attempting to cycle a round into the chamber of a Glock handgun at the store when the gun fired and discharged a round through the palm of his right hand.

2- A Nashville high school student brings gun to school “for protection.”

• September 22, 2015:

Remind me why we want to arm college students?

A drunk University of Tennessee Chattanooga Mocs football player pulled a gun out of his pocket while Chattanooga police officers were arresting him for public intoxication at a house party on Sunday, according to court records.


• September 21, 2015:

A responsible gun owner responsibly forgot all about their loaded .22 in their carry-on bag at the Tri-Cities airport in Blountville.

• September 16, 2015:

Responsible Bartlett gun owners do the responsible thing, leave their guns in their cars overnight. What could possibly go wrong?

BARTLETT, Tenn. — Four more guns are in the wrong hands on Mid-South streets Wednesday.

Bartlett Police confirmed three cars were broken into over the weekend and four guns were stolen.


Police reports showed that all three cars that were broken into over the weekend were parked at home. Police reports suggested at least two of the three cars were left unlocked.

The man we spoke with admitted he left his car unlocked because he felt his neighborhood was very safe.

You thought your neighborhood was safe? Then why the fuck do you need a gun, moron?


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7 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. The gun store employee who shot himself is priceless, but, as far as the guy who thought his girlfriend was an intruder, I wonder whose gun it was, his or hers. You mention the danger of having your boyfriend own a gun, but I think the odds of a woman getting shot in a ‘domestic’ is even higher if she owns the gun for her own protection. The two figures are at least pretty close. So, unless you have also been practicing — for real — the sort of combat moves tv shows love showing female cops and villains using. you might think better of having a gun you can be overpowered and robbed of by your boyfriend.

    • Keeping a gun for self-defense — no matter who the owner is — statistically increases the likelihood that you will be shot, either through your own hand (suicide, primarily) or someone else’s.

      Guns are stupid.

  2. CB

    Two things: 1) It was 9:15 in the morning, and he couldn’t identify the person as his girlfriend? Is he also blind? 2) Crumpton was shot in the shoulder and later died. Shoulder wounds aren’t usually fatal; was there a subsequent blood clot? Broken legs aren’t usually fatal, either, but a friend of mine died from a blood clot that found his heart, after his leg was broken in a fall. Anyway, lots of logical holes in the initial reports.

    • According to the story, she was supposed to be at work at that time. Can’t say about item #2 but the guy was arrested and now her family has come forward to say her BF was “violent.” GEE NO SHIT SHERLOCK

  3. Being shot in the shoulder can certainly cause deadly injuries. The bullets go where they will, once they hit a soft tissue target.

    But, yeah, sounds like it might be a planned accidental shooting.

  4. Bitter Scribe

    What a nice thing for those kids, that their mother was accidentally killed by her idiot boyfriend. Unless, as you say, it wasn’t really an accident.