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Blount County, Tennessee, punted on its “please, God, go smite someone else” resolution: after crowds showed up to protest the item, the commission did the cowardly thing by not approving the meeting’s agenda and adjourning. That’s a principled action!

This is the part I love:

The resolution, sponsored by County Commissioner Karen Miller, has gained national attention. The resolution focuses on recognizing and protecting ‘natural marriage,’ or marriage between a man and woman.

‘I had no idea this was going to take place. I was totally in the dark. It’s a total surprise,’ said Miller.

Nobody could have anticipated. Nobody could have seen this coming. Nobody could have foreseen that a resolution that is…

…petitioning for God’s mercy and asks God ‘not to destroy our county as he did Sodom and Gomorrah’ …

… would turn tiny Blount County, Tennessee into a national laughingstock. Truly it’s a mystery to Commissioner Miller that this has generated any attention at all, forcing the commission to pull the plug on the entire meeting and scurry into their holes. Hoocodanode?

This is what I love about fundiegelicals. Putting aside for a moment the whole church/state thing, and the fact that not every person is a believer, and not every believer is a Christian, I think one of the most annoying things about the fundiegelical wing of Christianity is that they always think they’re the only Christians in the room.

They always think they speak for everyone else. In a religion with literally hundreds of different denominations and splinter groups, why do they always assume that their version of Christianity is the “agreed-upon” version?

Or maybe they aren’t assuming that, maybe they’re just asserting it. “Our version is the right version and everyone else has to live by our rules!” I mean, how rude is that? To just barge into the faith and tell dozens of other denominations that they’re wrong, we’re right, and shut up.

Look, there are plenty of Christian denominations out there which don’t buy into any of that anti-gay bullshit. And I’m not even talking about “fringe” wings of Christianity like the New Thought churches (Unity, Christian Science, Religious Science) or even those pesky Unitarian Universalists. Mainstream denominations (Presbyterian Church-USA, United Church of Christ, Anglican, Lutheran, Christian Church-DoC) not to mention splinters within the more conservative denominations (there is, believe it or not, a Baptist church down the street from me with an openly lesbian pastor).

So, you know, the fundiegelicals don’t speak for everybody, yet here they come marching in, acting as if they own the joint. No, you don’t own the joint. Shut up. Go away. Practice your faith your way and let others practice their faith their way, and let those who don’t subscribe to any faith also be allowed to live as they please. You’re not the boss of PCUSA or Disciples of Christ or anybody else. So rude. So ignorant.

And that goes for those people wanting to post the 10 Commandments everywhere, blithely unaware that there isn’t just one version. Or teaching Creationism in school: which Biblical version of the Creation are you wanting to teach? There are three in the Old and New Testaments. What arrogance to assume that your version is the one everyone else will agree with!

Get thee behind me, you useless idiots.


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  1. It seems that there is some issue with trying to figure out what is going on. It seems, with no knowledge of the personalities, that some of the county commissioners simply did not want Blount county to be embarrassed state wide if not nation wide because of “gay derangement sickness.”

    It should also be noted thatt Sodom and Gomorrah were in separate counties and only shared Fire and EMT services.

    Let it also be noted that there are several million citizens of the USA who are damn sick and tired of some minor county noted only for brain defects and pond seepage bringing attention to the world that America seems to be a land of complete f****** idiots.


  2. Shutter

    As a Berkeley Ca native and resident, my city is routinely ridiculed by out-of-town extremists when our city council passes ‘activist’ resolutions — no doubt at the behest of swarthy Marxists seeking to subvert the American Way. Good to see that hypocrisy is alive and flourishing in the Heartland of the USA.

  3. I subscribe to George Carlin’s Eleventh Commandment: “Keep thy f#cking religion to thine self!” And talking about fundiegelicals,( love that word by the way) I deliver meals on wheels to house-bound seniors in a rural desert part of Southern Arizona, often to people who are living at close to subsistence level in a beat up thirty year old trailer down some dirt road….nine times out of ten, the TV will be blaring out the sick admonitions of the 700 Club or some other end of times huckster will be urging impoverished seniors to send in their last dollars for some prayer fetish or “blessing” to protect them from the coming doom caused by gay marriage, abortion and liberal thinking. The damage these charlatans do is immense!

  4. Blount County was not already a laughing stock?

  5. CB


    I had to read that 3 times. I get it, I get it. 😀