A Cavalcade Of Rupert Murdoch Tweets

The “real black” thing pissed me off for some reason, maybe it’s the last straw. President Obama was certainly black enough when Fox News viewers were photoshopping photos of POTUS dressed like a pimp and thinking it was HIL-arious. I mean, c’mon.

A brief tour of Murdoch’s Twitter feed revealed an elderly Brahman clearly befuddled by the social change that surrounds him. In short, he’s your crazy uncle — but with a helluva lot more power and influence.

Two things that became apparent were that a) Murdoch despises Donald Trump, and b) he’s been hawking Ben Carson for months. I’d say Carson can expect a lot of love from Fox News in this campaign.

• Real Black vs Fake Black:


• He knows Real White, too:


• Waxing Orwellian:

• In which Rupert discovers winter is still a thing:



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6 responses to “A Cavalcade Of Rupert Murdoch Tweets

  1. Michael Taylor

    Rupee Murdoch is a waste of DNA

    • ThresherK (GPad)

      Hey, let’s not go that far. Polio is a useful bit of genetic code, if kept securely in a medial lab for study, to keep it from infecting more people

      Were someone to get Rupert’s DNA and isolate whatever genetic abnormality made him into him, a Nobel Prize might be in the offing.

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  3. Well, I, for one, believe him, when he says that HE only knows white Egyptians.

  4. Jim 'Prup' Benton

    Murdoch chose to support Carson just before he made the ultimate ‘gun humper’ comment — the one about Hitler having a harder time implementing the Holocaust if more Jews had been armed. (And why isn’t that all over the net this morning?)
    [be interested if this goes through, since FB suspended my account — someone hacked it enough to send out friend requests to hundreds of unknowns, I hate FB, and I damn sure won’t — as requested in what I thought was spam, but apparently isn’t — send a copy of a photo ID, Drivers License or SS card.]

    • Jim 'Prup' Benton

      whew, it did, but there are still too many places which won’t let me on except through FB, Twitter, Instagram and all those things I really want to avoid.