Judge, Jury & Executioner

We’re a nation of laws, unless you have a CCW permit. Then you get to be cop, judge, jury and executioner:

Man with concealed weapon permit fatally shoots Waffle House robber

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Authorities say a man attempting to rob a South Carolina Waffle House was fatally shot by a customer who intervened.

North Charleston Police Lt. Angela Johnson told multiple media outlets that shortly before 5 a.m. Saturday the armed suspect tried to rob the Waffle House. Johnson said the customer interrupted the robbery attempt, wounding the suspect.

Officers who arrived on scene found the man injured. Authorities say the 19-year-old suspect later died at a hospital.

Plenty of yahoos are just fine with that. “Hang’em high, that’s what they get for robbing the Waffle House,” they say.

Oh, really?

This is called vigilanteism. And your CCW permit doesn’t give you the right to use deadly force unless there is threat of bodily harm. Waaay too many of these CCW yahoos don’t seem to know that. They must have slept through their CCW class, or else maybe these classes aren’t all they’re advertised to be.

We have the nice lady in suburban Detroit, who fired at shoplifters in the Home Depot parking lot. They got away, but she’s been charged. And then we have the guy in Elkhart, Indiana, who fired at a shoplifter in the parking lot of Big R Farm Supply. That shoplifter also got away.

This is astonishingly stupid. The fact that we’ve had three such incidents in the space of one week should alarm even the “responsible gun owners.” If you don’t know when to use your weapon you shouldn’t have a concealed-carry permit. End of discussion.

I expect we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of this stupidity as more people join the ranks of our Safest, Most Responsible Citizens Evah.


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11 responses to “Judge, Jury & Executioner

  1. Kathleen

    In their zeal to kill the “bad guys” they overlook the fact that innocent bystanders could be injured or killed.

  2. This has always been the central problem to the whole “I need to defend myself” argument: Have these nervous nellies genuine needed deadly force in the face of a perceived threat? Then, given the huge lattitude of what constitutes a threat, what is a prudent solution to it?

    There is a whole raft of considerations that need to be weighed in what amounts to a second. It’s routinely trotted out that the Swiss issue guns to everyone, but it would seem that there is a huge training obligation to go with it. As I’ve suggested before, the irreversible nature of the explosion in a gun does not allow for ‘Ooops’; you’ll need to get it right the first time, and no amount of Constitutional obligations will mitigate this reality.

    Finally, there’s the much greater question about the essential nature of civilization, begging the question that if we’re to accept the demands of it, are we not entitled to be free of a very brutish aspect of uncivilized existence, that of poor personal security? Do we not pay enough, both in taxes and compliance, that we should be free of having to address our personal security concerns?

    • Wingnuts imagining they can move to Switzerland and get their free gun are in for a big surprise. The guns are tied to military service (the “well-regulated militia”), there are universal background checks, universal gun registration, no concealed-carry or open-carry, tight regulations on ammunition, and annual inspections. All of which the gun loons in America would consider “tyranny.”

  3. Jim in Memphis

    The Waffle House story needs more details. It mentions that the robbery suspect was “armed” but does not say with what or if they were threatening anyone with harm (i.e. pointing a gun at the cashier). If the suspect was pointing a gun at the cashier, then there was a threat of bodily harm and I support the customer for defending the cashier’s life.

    • Jim in Memphis

      lots more information in this follow up story – http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20151012/PC16/151019801

      • “Justin Rivers, 34, also shot a man to death in self-defense in March 2012, when he opened fire on what he perceived to be an attempted carjacker trying to break into his rental car at a Ladson Road traffic light. He then drove away, fearing continued assault, and called 911 about 2 miles from the shooting. No charges were filed.”

        Serial vigilante. He’s another George Zimmerman.

      • Jim in Memphis

        Justin Rivers is the brother of this guy – not the same guy. Kenneth Rivers was the guy at the Waffle House.

      • Wait, I’m confused. Why does the story talk about his brother?

      • Jim in Memphis

        The shooter (Kenneth) was on the phone with his brother (Justin) when he witnessed the robbery taking place. Then Justin called 911 and went up to the scene of the shooting to check on his brother Kenneth. Why the reporter felt the need to comment on a shooting that Justin was involved in from 2012 is not clear.

      • Family of vigilantes, I guess. Guess the brother knew what was legal. “If you shoot, be sure you kill …”

  4. Jimbo(b):

    Perp was surrounded by broken glass, according to police, no mention of a hostage situation. Of course you would defend someone who shot a thief because money is, to you, more sacred than life.