Battle Of The Sexes

What is it with Conservatives these days? They seem to have come down with a terrible case of Truth Tourettes — you know, like how Rep. Kevin McCarthy accidentally told the truth about the Benghazi Committee really being about taking down Hillary Clinton?

Now we have Dr. Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, the group organizing anti-Planned Parenthood rallies all around the country, telling the truth about the attacks on Planned Parenthood:

“Planned Parenthood from the top to the bottom is a corrupt organization,” Miller told Ave Maria Radio’s Teresa Tomeo, “corrupt in its view of the sanctity of human life and corrupt in its view of human sexuality. And I say even if Planned Parenthood didn’t perform one single abortion, just the mere fact that its sexual ethic is corrupted means right there, should be the reason right there, that they should not receive any federal money. The kind of sexual ethic that Planned Parenthood promotes is sex for recreation, sex for mere pleasure.

Sex for pleasure? Quelle horreur! Perhaps she’d like us to adopt female circumcision and nip that in the bud, so to speak?

So, are we clear? The attacks on Planned Parenthood aren’t about abortion. It’s about controlling women’s sexual freedom. It’s about controlling women’s sex lives.

She forgot to use her indoor voice.

Of course, we on the Left have been saying this forever. That’s why right-wingers have been attacking birth control, after all. They just don’t want women getting it on. They are trying to undo the sexual revolution which started, oh, 50-plus years ago. They rail against “consequence-free sex” and talk about babies and life and all that other stuff but really it’s about controlling women. That’s why so many of the movement’s leaders are men, after all.

There is a deeply-rooted womb-envy among certain penis-enhanced members of the human species, and it plays out on the political field as controlling women’s reproduction. This is not a new thing, after all. This has been going on for thousands of years. As I wrote back in 2011:

Look fellas, I’m sorry you lack the plumbing that would enable you to get pregnant, gestate and give birth and all that. I’ve long suspected your inability to create life in the same way we ladies do has been a source of equal amounts fascination and disgust on your parts for thousands of years. Grow the fuck up already.

You know, I can’t imagine what it’s like to have my reproductive organs flying around loose in the breeze where any predator, fungus or hunting accident could come along and snip it all off, making me evolutionarily irrelevant. That’s a hard burden to bear, a not-so-subtle reminder of how biologically dispensable you guys really are. There are always more males out there willing to spread their seed; it’s the female of the species who carries the burden of the species’ survival. We’re the ones who not only bear the young but care for them as well.

This isn’t me talking feminist claptrap, this is basic evolutionary biology: the bird that’s going to get snapped up at the feeder is the bright red highly visible male cardinal, not the drab brown female blessed with a natural protective camouflage. She’s more important in the grand scheme, which is why she’s been given this protection. God I know that chaps y’all’s ass big time.

It’s the battle of the sexes, played out over thousands of years. Men are bigger and stronger and take down a mammoth but for all your bravado it’s we women who keep the species going. And you’re just dying to control that, too.

Women usually win these battles, though. Man smart, woman smarter. Except those dumb-fucks like Monica Miller playing for the wrong team. Except Dr. Miller forgot that other people were listening when she spilled the beans on what the fundies really hate about Planned Parenthood. They hate the sex part.

You know what, Dr. Miller? If you don’t want to have sex, or non-procreative sex, please don’t. Please have a monumental migraine every fucking night of your life. But stop forcing everyone else to live your miserable life.


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12 responses to “Battle Of The Sexes

  1. CB

    If Dr. Miller’s views didn’t make me ill, to the point of paying NO attention to her at all, I would love to ask her

    SO, WHY DID GOD MAKE SEX PLEASURABLE? Answer me that one, Doctor.

    The question assumes a God-created universe, but pro-lifers like her assume the same.

    Yep, these f@#$king people are regressing, all the way back to “sex is dirty.” Their agenda is barefoot and pregnant, and if they think anything close to the majority of women are going to go for it, they are wrong, wrong, wrong. Even among conservative couples, I would hazard a guess that the men appreciate the income that women bring into the household. I saw it myself, 40 years ago, with my sister and her husband. This is a no-brainer.

    And, speaking of no brains, what is it with these people who have gone through the preparation and study that results in a terminal degree — Paul Broun, Ben Carson and Monica Miller are just three examples off the top of my head — who benefit from that education economically, and then turn around and, usually for political reasons, state publicly, in front of God and everybody, that their education was for shit? Because, that’s sure what it sounds like to me. I’m still waiting for the Medical College of Georgia — don’t worry, despite the myriad names the parent institution has gone through in the past 3 years, that’s still the medical school’s name — to rescind Broun’s degree. Embryology is a lie from the pit of hell? Riiiiiiiight.

  2. Kathleen

    I wish someone would have sex with these people. I’ve always thought that was the real root of their Clinton hatred. He was getting it and they weren’t.

  3. greennotGreen

    There are physicians who are scientists, but they’re the minority. In general, a person can get through medical school on the strength of a great memory and the ability to function on very little sleep. I would think good physicians need good critical thinking skills to be competent diagnosticians, but there are some pretty lousy doctors out there.

  4. Kosh III


    Don’t you mean penis-inadequate people”

  5. Shutter

    An orgasm a day keeps the crazies at bay.

  6. Michael S

    The “Pro-Life” people are the last to actually advocate for anything that is pro “already born” life, because pregnancy as a punishment. The fact that unprotected sex could also lead to death (AIDS, etc.) is just a bonus.