Tennessee Gun Report

I got behind schedule again, folks. Sorry! Lots of gunfail across Tennessee, though. And I’m sure I missed a few, as well. Tennessee gunfail, smells like freedumb. Enjoy!

• October 29, 2015:

Someone left a loaded handgun in a Goodwill donation box in Murfreesboro.

• October 28, 2015:

A Chattanooga-area 13-year-old was accidentally shot in the face, but is recovering:

The department says that the preliminary investigation found that the young teen was accidentally shot by a family member while posing for photos with firearms.

Ta da.

• October 27, 2015:

How’s that “I need a gun to protect myself” stuff working for everyone? From Chattanooga:

A Shreveport, La., man said he was shot with his own gun after taking a man he barely knew out on a late-night run for beer.


The victim said he and two associates were staying at the King’s Lodge on the side of Missionary Ridge while in town repairing dumpsters.

He said Taylor, who was also staying at the King’s Lodge, began coming by bumming cigarettes and beer.

He said on the night of the shooting on Sept. 17 that Taylor asked him to take him to get beer. He said they went to two different stores without getting any. One was closing and another would not sell him any because Taylor did not have an ID. He did get beer at a third store.

He said Taylor asked him to take him to a residence in order to get his wallet. He said he was not familiar with Chattanooga streets so he followed the directions of Taylor to a residential area that turned out to be near Willow Street.

The witness said he carries a pistol and had it by him because he cannot wear it and have his seatbelt on. He said after he had stopped at a stop sign that Taylor suddenly grabbed the pistol and jumped out of the vehicle.

Mr. Shaw said he got out and yelled at Taylor, who turned and fired at him.

Well, that gun sure did him a helluva lot of good.

• October 22, 2015:

A Nashville man told police he’d been shot by a stray bullet but it turns out it he’d accidentally shot himself. Oops.

• October 21, 2015:

A Memphis 15-year-old brought a gun to school.

Awful lot of this going on. Read on.

• October 16, 2015:

• A Shelbyville high school student was arrested for bringing a loaded gun and knife to school.

• October 15, 2015:

1- Predictably, Tennessee Republicans think more guns is the answer to school shootings. Because hey, that solution is working so wonderfully right now!

2- A drunken Rogersville man started shooting at people on a hayride.

• October 14, 2015:

A high school student in Shelbyville has been suspended for bringing a loaded gun to school.

• October 13, 2015:

1- A Jackson man forgot that guns are not toys, paid with his life:

A 22-year-old Atwood man died Friday after he accidentally shot himself while playing with a handgun, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department told The McKenzie Banner.

The McKenzie newspaper reported that according to David Bunn of the Sheriff’s Department, Colton Tilley, 22, of 1830 E. Main St., and four other young men were in a garage early Friday morning when Tilley was fatally shot. The garage is behind Tilley’s mother’s house, Bunn said.

Tilley had “dry fired” the 9 mm handgun several times as the loaded magazine hung loose from the weapon, the Sheriff’s Department said. He aimed it at the wall and his knee and the weapon did not fire. He then pointed it at his head and the weapon fired, the Sheriff’s Department said.

2- In Chattanooga, a gunman opened fire on a school bus stop full of elementary, middle and high school kids. Just ordinary, every day American terror in our poorest neighborhoods.

• October 5, 2015:

Concerns have been raised about the gun shows they hold regularly at the Tennessee State Fairgounds in Nashville:

Members of the Nashville Fair Board have expressed safety concerns over a new gun show and questioned background checks.

The concern is whether private sellers at the event are required to perform background checks on the people purchasing guns.


Fair Board Commissioner Kenneth Byrd said he is concerned. He released the following statement to Channel 4:

“As I have said for quite some time, I am skeptical about supporting gun shows at the fairgrounds. Moreover, no dealer should be using our facility to take advantage of so-called ‘loopholes’ in outdated, careless and toothless laws. We should not wait for a school shooting in Nashville before having this discussion and asking, ‘Why are we supporting these sales at a taxpayer owned and subsidized facility?”

Frankly, I’ve been concerned for quite some time, and I’m just shocked that someone on the Fair Board shared my concerns. For one thing, I’m trying to think what the reaction would be if Planned Parenthood held a women’s health fair at the state fairgrounds. I’m guessing there’d be a lot of outrage. Gun control people really need to stop being so nice. Who was it that said gun control needs its own Operation Rescue? With trucks displaying scenes of mass shootings circling outside the NRA convention, and protestors showing up outside gun shows begging people not to go inside? That would be fun.

Anyway, they have quite a few gun shows at the State Fairgrounds — there’s one coming up in early November — and they’re commonly held at the same time as other events. Once I went to the fairgrounds for a plant sale and saw they were also having both a gun show and exotic animal show, as well. Put those two together and bring that guy who killed Cecil the Lion. Gun

I appreciate Commissioner Byrd’s concerns but I think we all know what would happen if gun shows were banned from the state fairgrounds: some wingnut in the Tennessee State Legislature would file a bill making it illegal for the state fair board to do that. Because, you know, it’s the state fair. They might even pull the state fair from Nashville, which in retrospect I think would make a lot of people very happy. Our state fair is pretty crappy, especially compared to some of the really awesome state fairs around the country. But that’s another discussion.

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  1. I like the one about the late-night beer run. Classic. It reminded me of some of the dumb things I did in my youth. I used to hang out with some fairly raggedy transients that I took up with on or around the Mission Beach Boardwalk. Don’t get me wrong. These were great guys. Maybe a little down on their luck. We went places in my car. A couple of guys came over to my apartment. But since none of us ever carried guns, I really don’t recall ever getting shot. Worse thing that ever happened to me was getting a little car stereo that I had rigged up taken out of the car.

    I still remember some guy with a Southern drawl named Clyde. I cut a turn in my old Fairlane a little on the inside one time. He said, “Now you could have made that turn proper!