Is There A KKK Member In Congress? UPDATE: PROBABLY NOT!


And there you have it:


Starting to think this was an attempt to discredit the pending real release.


In vetting the list, several people have found some rather unusual names, including openly gay Lexington KY mayor Jim Gray and Knoxville, TN Mayor Madeline Rogero, a gay rights advocate. Both have vigorously denied any KKK connections (Gray here, and Rogero here.)

Many others whose names appear on the list have also denied any connection to the hate group. That the list contains the names of Latinos and GLBT advocates has called into question the veracity of the list and its sourcing.

Meanwhile, Anonymous is on Twitter, still naming names and defending the list itself. So I am very curious to see how this all shakes out.

Is this a hoax? An attempt to discredit Anonymous? Or just some really bad hacktivism?


Anonymous has begun outting members of the Ku Klux Klan and the first list of names has appeared here.

Notice any familiar names? How about this one:


Well slap the dog and spit in the fire, this appears to be Congressman Joe “You Lie!” Wilson! I always knew he was an asshole; I don’t recall hearing he was in the Klan.

I don’t know how Anonymous came by its information or how it’s been verified. I eagerly await a response from the Congressman from South Carolina’s 2nd District, who ran unopposed in 2012 and received 96% of the vote. Is he going to say it’s not true? Probably. Or, who knows, maybe not. Since Rep. Wilson’s most notorious act thus far has been to call the first African American president of the United States a liar to his face, on national television, I think our national news media should at the very least get a response from his office.

And a question for Reince Priebus: will the RNC disavow Rep. Wilson? It will be very interesting to see how the party handles this news, seeing as how they keep telling us that minority outreach is so important.

Is the Republican Party palling around with domestic terrorists? It would be irresponsible not to speculate!


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9 responses to “Is There A KKK Member In Congress? UPDATE: PROBABLY NOT!

  1. J R in WV

    I wish I believed that this information would harm these fellows’ chances of re-election, but I don’t. Domestic terrorism has been winked at for years now, unless they kill hundreds of people. But Policemen shooting girls and boys, and men and women, and people mysteriously dying in jail cells, NO BIG DEAL ~ !!

    So how many cops are in the KKK? Why would you join the KKK when you can become a cop and get paid to be a racist terrorist? And get cover for your crimes from the other officers?

    Color me depressed!

  2. CB

    Note also that Madeline Rogero, mayor of Knoxville, is on this list. Several of my other Tennessee peeps say this discounts the entire list for them, and Mayor Rogero has issued a statement discounting its veracity.

    Also on the list is one John Horne Iverson, senator from Georgia. As far as I can determine, no such person exists. All google references to the name refer to the supposed Anonymous list. I think it’s a sloppy attempt at John Hardy Isakson, aka Johnny Isakson, one of our two current senators. His wikipedia entry said earlier this morning, in the very first paragraph, that he is an “Official member of the KKK Affiliated Group: Original Knight Riders Of the KKK.” His entry looks to have been edited 7 or 8 times very recently, and that statement is now gone.

    It occurred to me, after seeing the video posted last night, that this might be something impossible to verify. What politician in their right mind — I know, I know, not many of those — would admit to such, even if it were true? And the KKK is not very damn likely to verify memberships of influential members. If this really does come from Anonymous, that may be part of their intent. Stir up trouble, doesn’t matter if the cause is just or not, or if the information is wrong.

    • And Jim Gray, too. So I’ve updated my post. I’m still really curious about this, though. It’s such a bungling effort. Now I wonder if Anonymous will try to say THEY were hacked!

  3. Bob Fischer

    It looks like the post is bogus. They’ve included gays and Latinos among other things. The anonymous poster is granting interviews. He’s not very anonymous. Nor is he very good at cross-checking and verifying information. But Joe Wilson is still a dick.

  4. Jim 'Prup' Benton

    I had been planning on commenting after my nap, and I’m glad I waited, because I was going to raise questions, not about this list, but about Anonymous in general. I had planned to ask how we knew a group such as Anonymous — which is literally irresponsible, you can’t challenge them in court or demand proof of their statements — was necessarily either honest or competent and careful. (I hadn’t even thought to ask how we knew that the anonymous group that did the posting WAS the same ‘Anonymous.’ They can’t sue either if someone uses their name,)

    But even more, I worry about the whole ‘loss of privacy’ thing. So far the similar groups have usually been on our side and honest, at least up to now. But what if a Conservative Anonymous group somehow got the credit card lists of every gay bar in Tennessee, and every ‘adult entertainment’ and ‘escort service’ and posted them on line. Would we welcome that, even if it exposed some hypocrites?

    And (y’know I’ll have a historical reference somewhere), there was a similar type of exposure scheme dating back to the twenty years either side of 1900, celebrity/society expose magazines. They started out as journalism, of a scummy type, but actual journalism. Pretty soon a number of publishers discovered the possibilities for blackmail. (“Here’s this story I’m running in the next issue about you. True or false doesn’t matter. All I want to know is whether I am going to run it or cash the check you are going to give me.” And you at least could find these people if you said “Publish and be damned’ or sought out a warrant against them.

    • Jim 'Prup' Benton

      According to RAW STORY, apparently the real Anonymous had promised to release a list on Nov. 5th as a response to the KKK’s interjection of themselves into the Ferguson situation. This list is a hoax, and meant to distract from the real list.
      Of course, given the complexities here — and the problems I mentioned above, while this is likely true, it could be a way of stimulating interest in the real list. (Which sounds awfully conspiracy theory-ish, and is, and I don’t really give it more than minimal possible credibility, but when a group is anonymous, it is hard to tell what may or not be true about it.)