Who Is Joshua Feuerstein?

Is there nothing funnier than a bunch of Fundiegelicals getting all butthurt over the absence of a snowflake on their coffee cup? I think not! What I really love is that these useless idiots think they have “pranked” Starbucks by forcing baristas to write Merry Christmas on their cups, while they continue to pay $8 for a latte. Hilarious.

All of this fauxtrage has been ginned up by one Joshua Feuerstein, who posted a coffee cup rant on Facebook. But who is Joshua Feuerstein? Let’s ask the Great Gazoogle:

Former evangelical pastor proposes fighting LGBT rights with assault weapons
Talking head Joshua Feuerstein implies the Second Amendment is the best way to combat homosexuality

Taking a note from the disgraced California attorney who recently proposed a measure to shoot all the gays, a former evangelical pastor has recommended using guns to fight ever-expanding LGBTQ civil rights across the country. Joshua Feuerstein, a Facebook personality known for his vitriolic talk radio-style tirades, implied earlier this month that the Second Amendment is the best protection from “bigoted” anti-discrimination measures and legalized same-sex marriage.

“They are coming after our First Amendment constitutional rights,” Feuerstein said. “This is one pastor that will not bow. Why? Because my First Amendment right is guaranteed by my Second Amendment right. Think about that, ladies and gentlemen.”

The closely zoomed video backs up at the mention of the Second Amendment, so that Feuerstein can reveal he’s holding what appears to be an assault rifle, which he brandishes close to his face. He then urged his viewers to “stand up and say ‘no more.’”

Good thing Starbucks is a “gun-free zone”!

Feuerstein is referred to as a “former” evangelical pastor. On YouTube there’s an absolutely priceless clip featuring a pastor named Brother Wayne (“live, from my bedroom!”) whose guest is someone claiming Feuerstein was inappropriate with the members of his church’s youth group:

He gave an altar call, and the altar call he gave Brother Wayne? it was ridiculous. I ain’t never heard nothing about it in my life. He was talking about girls looking for daddies, and girls never experiencing the daddy figure in their life. And he had a whole altar call, Brother Wayne, just for teenage girls. I couldn’t imagine it. He was walking around praying for these girls, touching ’em and feeling ‘em and everything else and I just couldn’t believe it, Brother Wayne, and I checked it in my spirit. I checked it and I felt it in my spirit that this was not of God.

That night I came to Brother Wayne, did I not? I sure did, and I said I just feel like God is not in this. You know, every time I see his big fat head on Facebook I just feel like, it’s not of God! Christians if you’re out there, if you’re listening, you need to jump on this bandwagon. Because this bandwagon is going straight to heaven, and the bandwagon of Josh Feuerstein? Well, you know where that’s going.

All of this needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt — we don’t know anything about these people except that they say at the outset that their aim is to run Feuerstein out of town. Still, I think it’s just hilarious that even other church people despise this guy.

Even more disturbing are allegations that Feuerstein mishandled donations from a GoFundMe page that were supposed to go towards camera equipment.

There appears to be a lot hinky about this guy. He certainly likes the spotlight and our mainstream media seems happy to give him the attention he craves while saying nothing about the more sketchy elements in his background. So, thanks for playing along, liberal media! This is how the fringe gets mainstreamed.


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  1. ThresherK (GPad)

    I thought a quote snippet was “shoot all the rays”, and that Feuerstein accused the LGBTS of using some weird mind control device.

    Turns out the truth about Feuerstein was less believable.

  2. Jim 'Prup' Benton

    There appears to be a lot hinky about this guy. He certainly likes the spotlight and our mainstream, media seems happy to give him the attention he craves while saying nothing about the more sketchy elements in his background. So, thanks for playing along, liberal media! This is how the fringe gets mainstreamed.

    When I turned back to this page, for a moment I forgot the subject and thought I was reading another piece on Ben Carson.

    My recent silence has not just been my ‘sitting shiva’ over the Mets’ season’s end. There’s that, but the Bevin election is causing me to rethink a few things. I still have no doubt — barring a catastrophe — that Hillary will win the White House easily, and the more I see her really meaning to fight on the down ballot races, the more confident I am in general, but the collapse of the Carson boom as his lies become more obvious and the ‘cage match’ that Jeb and Marco are having has changed my position on the likely opponent. (See the ‘letter from teacher’ in my reply to myself below.)

    The whispering campaigns and gut-shots at Marco seem to have just begun in earnest since the feud became too obvious to miss, the ‘show up for work or quit’ calls, the financial messes, and there is even, apparently a whispering campaign about possible ‘zipper problems.’

    There seems to be enough in them to keep Rubio from getting the votes, and I think there will be a backlash against Jeb as well, because Rubio really is the last hope for sane (comparatively) Republicans. (The only other person who still has a chance from the establishment side might be Christie. Kasich has too much against himself, and doesn’t have the abrasive style that can make Republicans cheer first and listen second. Randy and Carly are floating in a bubble that doesn’t quite touch either side, And nobody can convince me that any disaster — except for the roof literally caving in at the Convention and missing the LA and SC delegations — would give Piyush Brady or Sen. Graham a chance.)

    I still don’t believe that Trump will stick around, and Huckabee has been getting crazier by the day. Calling for debtors to be sold into slavery and statements that gun sellers should ignore ‘unconstitutional’ orders is going to be too much for any but the worst 10% of even Republicans. Carson’s only reason for running is his personal achievements, and they are looking more and more questionable.

    There still will be a multi-ballot convention, if not the circus I had expected, but right now, I can’t see anyone but Cruz getting the nomination. I think the ‘establishment’ — with the little power they have left — is hoping for a “Goldwater’ so even they won’t have to hear four more years of ‘if you’d only have nominated a REAL Conservative…’

    • Jim 'Prup' Benton

      Dear Mrs. Bush:
      I am sorry to inform you that we have found it necessary to suspend your son for a few days. I know that, here in Florida we have returned to encouraging school yard fights among the boys to remind them that they need to attempt to bring back the classical ideas of ‘proper sex roles’ to our schools (and let me thank you again for your donation of the hundreds of Easy Bake Ovens fir the same purpose), But your son, Jeb, must realize that tactics such as eye-gouging and kneecapping are still forbidden in intraschool contests, and must be reserved only for matches against our great rivals.

    • Kathleen

      Everyone of these fecal fragments is scary as hell, but Carson and Cruz are the scariest of all because “serious people” take Cruz “seriously” (Debater! Harvard Law School! Used complex sentence structure while castigating moderators for asking questions!). He’s a true believer and Dominionist. A very dangerous combination indeed. And I don’t see the mainslime media probing his background and beliefs because, in the words of Chuck Todd, “it’s not their job”.

      • True enough. He uses BIG WORDS and COMPLEX GRAMMAR. As opposed to Carson, who TALKS QUIETLY AND CALMLY. I mean wtf, these are the standards for Republicans? When Democrats did those things, they were called “elitist” and “boring” and “unrelatable.” (See Gore, Al and Kerry, John) So fucking sick of the double standard.

  3. Shorter: Feuerstein is a member in good standing of the creepy Christianist grifting coalition.

  4. Michael S

    The only rights GUNUTZ ever threaten to protect is the supposed right to bear arms. Has any of them ever taken arms against the quashing of free speech, the right to practice the religion of your choice, the right to be an atheist, press freedom, the right not to be shot first by the police?

  5. Duke of Clay

    I must say nothing puts me in the Christmas mood quite like a Christianist shouting “Merry Christmas!!” with the same intonation used by an angry longshoreman saying “F*** you!” Even better when directed at a 17-year old store clerk who said “Happy Holidays!” five weeks before Christmas.

  6. Who is Josh Feuerstein?

    Not Harvey’s brother, I HOPE!