Stop Attacking Refugees

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German security believes the passport found at the scene of one of the Paris attacks was a plant to turn Westerners away from refugees:

PARIS (AP) — Germany’s top security official says a Syrian passport found with one of the Paris attackers may have been false flag intended to make Europeans fearful of refugees.

Germany’s interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere, told reporters in Berlin that it was “unusual that such a person was faithfully registered in Greece, Serbia and Croatia, even though we’re usually pressing for registration to take place and lament that it isn’t always done properly.”

He said the multiple registrations by a person using the passport were “evidence that this was a trail that was intentionally laid, but it can’t be ruled out at the moment that this was an IS terrorist who came to France…via Germany as a refugee.”

I suspected this all along. Too weird that a passport would be found at the scene, too neat and convenient.


Republicans, useful idiots all, are playing into the hands of ISIS DAESH:


Building new barriers to keep them out with the absurd argument that Muslims are inherently dangerous could provide propaganda benefits to the Islamic State. The group, also known as ISIS, has drawn recruits around the globe by offering a cause and a home to Muslims who feel marginalized and scorned.

I just thought that stated the argument really well.  Meanwhile, did you hear about the crazy lady in Michigan who said we should fuck up Dearborn to teach ISIS a lesson? She’s really sorry, you guys.

I’m sure she’s not representative of white Christian ladies or any other group. Right?


Who were the Paris attackers?

While Republicans argue about nonsenscial semantics, authorities are starting to identify those who planned and orchestrated the attacks. And, welp, looks like it was mostly French and Belgian citizens. One of the attackers was born right there in Paris.

So naturally Republican governors have vowed to reject Syrian refugees. Yes that makes about as much sense as invading Iraq after America was attacked by Al Qaeda.

Slow clap, Republicans. Always wrong. Never change!

President Obama, as always, remains the voice of reason:

He said people must “remember that many of these refugees are the victims of terrorism themselves.”

“That’s what they’re fleeing,” he continued during a press conference in Turkey.

“Slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values. Our nations can welcome refugees who are desperately seeking safety and ensure our own security. We can and must do both.”

Saying no to refugees is exactly what ISIS wants. Reject the refugees so they can be exterminated at home! But hey, it’s not like Republicans care about human life or anything.

I must say, there’s an eerie familiarity to all of this “close the borders” handwringing and fearmongering. It reminds me a lot of last year’s ebola crisis (remember that?) Back then, Republicans attacked Obama for not instituting a travel ban, Boehner was going to bring the House back into session to address the Ebola crisis, and even Marco Rubio jumped into the game, in an effort to look like a problem-solver and “presidential”:

Mr. McConnell, said a spokesman, Don Stewart, was “using shorthand” last week when he said, “It would be a good idea to discontinue flights into the United States from that part of the world.” He, too, supports a temporary suspension of visas, a position put into legislative language on Monday by Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, who vowed to press visa-suspension legislation when Congress returned in November.

Snort. Got that, everyone? Mitch McConnell “was using shorthand” by saying he wanted to “discontinue flights into the United States from that part of the world,” instead of the much longer and more cumbersome, “suspend visas.”


Because these idiots didn’t know before they opened their fat yaps that there are no direct flights to the United States “from the part of the world.” So there are no flights to suspend.

That was then, this is now. But while the cast of characters has changed, the play remains the same:

In reality, Republicans are not planning a legislative response, at least for now, Republican leadership aides said Monday. They merely want their voices heard.

God, they never fucking shut up! They have their own news network and they still never shut up, but “they want their voices heard.” No, they don’t! They want to spread fear and grandstand and point fingers at “the other.” Ebola, terrorism, refugees, it doesn’t matter. They want to close our borders by hook or by crook.

These Republican governors can’t refuse Syrian refugees. They have no authority to do so. You can’t say, “bring me the blond-haired, blue-eyed refugees from Sweden not the swarthy bearded guys from Syria.” That’s not how it works, and they are powerless so they’re gonna resort to type and just tamp their feet and say scary things.

They never change. They’re always wrong. They’re still wrong.


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16 responses to “Stop Attacking Refugees

  1. Seeker

    A sobering tweet I read said (paraphrasing): the refugees are fleeing the type of people who just blew up Paris. The 20-year-old widow with a 3-year-old and 2-year-old is not our enemy.

  2. Jim in Memphis

    At least one of the Paris attackers was identified as a refugee that was registered in Greece in October.

    • No, that’s wrong. They found a PASSPORT at the scene. Which they now believe to have been forged. And let me say, that is so typical. What suicide bomber takes a passport with them? Clearly it was planted to create this entire anti-refugee climate that Daesh so wants.

      They need us to be our worst selves. How typical that we’re obliging.

      • Well, you can always count onJimbo(b) to push a teabagger meme or six; we are ALL the offspring of immigrants.

      • Jim in Memphis

        Looks like our security now relies on Turkish security to weed out the IS “refugees”

      • Oh for crissakes. Jim, you ignorant jackass. All of the world’s security agencies work together, you fool.

      • Just because someone was posing as a refugee doesn’t mean they were about ready to board a plane for America where could detonate a bomb at the local mall. If you’re that scared, go get yourself a box of Depends, an AR-15 and hunker down in your bunker with your supply of Cheetos and Alex Jones newsletters. I’m sure you’ll be safe there.

      • Jim in Memphis

        These particular “refugees” had travel plans for Europe. Just seems to me that we are proposing to spend a lot of money to move people several thousand miles when there are perfectly safe countries right there in the region that we could help to house the refugees. Why can’t Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Kuwait, Israel, Egypt, etc house these people with funding, material, food, medical, etc. aid from us? Why would the solution be to bring them to our country with the potential that some of them are hell bent to harm us?

      • These particular “refugees” had travel plans for Europe.

        So what? What does that have to do with us in the US? The EU has its own rules regarding travel for EU nationals, Turkey is part of the EU and none of this has anything to do with us. Unless you’re going to blame Obama for the the Schengen Agreement, of course.

        If you want to answer your second question why not read a fucking book on the politics of the Middle East. Meanwhile, I think it’s hilarious you think ISRAEL should take Syrian Muslim refugees. Yeah, I’m sure that would go over well.

      • Jim in Memphis

        Why would Israel have any problems with the peaceful Syrian refugees? So we can’t expect the Middle East countries that are the direct neighbors of these refugees to help house them because of politics? But sending the people half way around the world to a completely different culture is the best solution – politics of that course be damned?

      • I can’t imagine why either. Take it up with your good friend Bibi, he seems to be scared of his own shadow, too, along with the rest of the GOP.

        Fuck off, Jim. You’re ignorant and uninformed. Go read a fucking book. Maybe you’d learn something, like how millions of refugees have already been resettled in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and other places. There’s just so fucking many of them, unfortunately.

      • Jim in Memphis

        And the facts come out that the Paris attacker did indeed enter Greece as a “refugee.” Yes the passport was fake, but the fingerprints on the body match those of the man that registered in Greece as a refugee who then traveled along with other refugees further into Europe.

      • How is this even remotely relevant to the issue of refugee resettlement in the U.S.?

        1- The other attackers were French and Belgian citizens. 7 of them, I believe? 1 fake refugee > 7 citizens? I assume Republicans want to block all French and Belgian citizens from the U.S.? Deport the ones already here? No? Why not? Doesn’t serve your xenophobia? Doesn’t give you that same hate jones?
        2- The passport was fake. No one knows who he was. We don’t even know if he was Syrian.
        3- This has nothing to so with refugees coming to the U.S. or our refugee resettlement program. Our immigration process and Homeland Security screening are not Turkey’s, or Greece’s, or even France’s. It takes months — YEARS — to go through our screening program. We refuse half of all applicants.

        Sounds to me like you’re just stoking fear, just to be a dick. Because if some terrorist wanted to come to the US I can think of a hundred easier, faster ways than our refugee resettlement program. How about that “porous border” you wingnuts are always blathering on about? Why wouldn’t someone just get on a plane on a tourist visa?

        You’re not making sense.

  3. Kathleen

    All we have to do is refer to refugees as “refetusegees”. That should placate the Rethuglicans for a minute.

  4. greennotGreen

    The “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” in Paris sing La Marseillaise and spell “not afraid” with their phones. The macho dick-swingers here want to barricade the doors to victims and fling other people’s children at the monsters overseas.

    • The macho dick-swingers here want to barricade the doors to victims and fling other people’s children at the monsters overseas.

      And it’s always “other people’s children,” too. Never their own. Never themselves.