Rep. Jim Cooper FAIL


Rep. Jim Cooper, obviously getting angry phone calls from people other than me, explains his vote thusly:

“It’s largely redundant. Republicans don’t want you to know that,” Cooper told The Tennessean in a phone interview Thursday.

Um, actually, no. But before I get to that, let me remind everyone of the Rep. Jim Cooper who made a name for himself by his “mavericky” refusal to go along with politicized, grandstanding legislation. That Jim Cooper would never have voted for something “largely redundant” because, of course, if it’s largely redundant why the fuck are we wasting our time on it? I remember that Jim Cooper, don’t you?

But that’s not what this bill does. This bill requires the FBI director, secretary of Homeland Security and director of National Security to personally certify to 12 different Congressional Committees that each individual refugee does not pose a security threat. It basically gums up an already long and complicated process to the point where applications will be brought to a standstill.


Jim Cooper voted “aye” on the “American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act,” AKA the Let’s-punch-Syrian-and-Iraqi-refugees-because-we’re-scared-and-crapping-our-pants-and-also-we’re-ignorant Act.

One of only 47 Democrats, and thanks for playing, Rep. Cooper. I’m so over you right now. TN-05 is a pretty safe district now, thanks to Republican gerrymandering, so I’d say we’re safe to make a protest vote now, maybe even find someone who’s a more reliable Democrat who isn’t  stuck in the past and thinking being a Blue Dog is still what the kewl kids are doing.

I called his office and asked the guy who answered the phone what the hell  Cooper was thinking. I was told that “the Congressman supports Syrian and Iraqi refugees as long as they’re vetted properly.” Jesus Christ on a Saltine, they’re already vetted, and far more rigorously than the average shmoe coming into our country on a tourist visa. But thanks for buying into the pants-wettng Fright-wing Fox News meme. Super helpful for the rest of us moving forward!

I can just see it now: “even Democrats agree that refugees are a risk!” Or, even better, “even Democrats don’t support Obama!” Why, lookie here, it’s already on the Wall Street Journal:

In a rebuke to President Barack Obama, a substantial contingent of House Democrats voted for a bill the White House had threatened to veto ….

You ignorant ass. Why on earth would a terrorist subject themselves to a two year UN/Dept. of Homeland Security background check (which was improved in 2011 following the 2009 entry of Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, the two individuals Rand Paul has been fearmongering about)? Why do that when getting a tourist visa is so much easier? Hell, what about those “porous borders” desperately in need of a wall the wingnuts are always blathering on about? Wouldn’t that be easier?

Why aren’t we doing something about the fact that anyone on the terror watch list can still buy guns? Legally? Isn’t that important? In fact, the best indication we have that this entire thing is ginned up fear-porn BS designed to help Republican electoral prospects is this:


NRA defends stance on law that allows terror suspects to get firearms

The NRA says it’s just trying to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to buy guns — even if their names appear on a terror watch list.

Hey, Rep. Cooper: why don’t you do something about that? No?

Anyone who tells you that all of this ginned up fearmongering is anything other than political posturing designed to make voters run to Republican Daddy is lying. But thanks, Rep. Cooper, for playing along.


You are completely dead to me.


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12 responses to “Rep. Jim Cooper FAIL

  1. Cooper just announced his re-election bid with this. I guess Karl Dean will have to wait until 2018 to get back into politics.

    • You’ve heard Karl Dean wants to run for Congress? I haven’t.

      Republicans gerrymandered TN-05 to make it skew even more liberal, so I’m not sure this was necessary or even helpful, considering how many refugees and immigrants live in his district now.

      • Mark Rogers

        Dean is too young to spend the rest of his life on boards. He will run when Cooper retires.

        Cooper is covering his bases. Loom for a major nod to the left early next year to balance this.

      • Oh so you’re just speculating on Dean. Well, I never got this big “I want to be in politics” vibe from him. I’d think his priority now would be to make money. He’s got kids in college, after all. I’m more inclined to think he’ll end up at some VC firm.

  2. J R in WV

    Good rant about an important topic. My senator, “Democrat” Joe Manchin, has also joined the wet-pants brigade, afraid of scary brown Muslims that aren’t even on the same continent as Joe and his fraidy-cat constituents.

    But Joe isn’t any more a Democrat than is Joe Lieberman, one time V-P candidate on the Democratic ticket.

    And the NRA, what can you say? I’m a target shooter and gun owner, but I also think people wishing to buy guns should pass a background check as strenuous as people seeking tourist visas to enter the US.

    But still, again, background checks! How can anyone be against them?? Crazy, crazy!!

    • Mark Rogers

      Dean’s wife is a member of the very wealthy Davis family. In 2007 that enabled him to put over a million in personal money into his campaign, something that was key to him finishing in the top two and making the runoff.

      To be sure, I am speculating. But Dean is too young and ambitious to settle into several decades of serving on boards. He is a talented guy with good prospects. Nashville could do worse… and has (see Boner, Bill and Clement, Bob).

      • He just never struck me as politically ambitious. I mean, what do I know. But he always struck me as more of a business guy than a political guy. And the House isn’t where a politically ambitious person goes anyway. It’s a cesspool of rednecks and rubes. It’s not the thoughtful, deliberative Senate. It’s the knee-jerk reactionary wing of Congress. Your colleagues are people like Scott DesJarlais and Louie Gohmert.

  3. Randy

    Expedient by any other name would smell…like shit.

  4. Kosh III

    The Senate is thoughtful and deliberate? Have you heard McConnell, Lame-ar and Dorker?

  5. Glidwrith

    My POS rep, Scott Peters also joined the thumb suckers brigade. I had already called him before the vote. Guess I need to call again and remind him if I wanted a teabagger for a Rep, I could always vote for his challenger in the upcoming cycle.

  6. Maybe they just foun out that being anti–semetic means you can hate ALLathem sortabrowns?