Tennessee Gun Report

So much gun fail in the past couple of weeks that I don’t even know what to say. It’s almost as if more guns don’t make us safer! I know, crazy talk!

• November 22, 2015:

1- A 5-year-old in Goodlettsville was accidentally shot at home on a Saturday evening. He died. No details on what happened, of course. Just another tragic accident. [UPDATE]: More information has been released: The child was shot by an older sibling. Incident occurred while the kids were playing with the family cat using a laser mounted on a gun. Dad was watching TV. Said he “kept a weapon nearby for protection.” Worked real good, except for that one time.

2- A Johnson City man threatened his wife with a gun. This seems to happen a lot. Men say they want a gun to “protect myself and my family” and then end up turning that same gun on the wife and kids.

• November 21, 2015:

A Greeneville family wants to know why someone would have shot their Boston terrier Lola, resulting in the amputation of one of her legs. A reward has been offered.

• November 20, 2015:

Four guns were stolen from a home in Normandy. Gotta wonder about this one, the family was away from the home for over a month but workmen had access to the home. I’m going to guess the guns weren’t kept locked up. Idiots.

• November 19, 2015:

1- 44 handguns were stolen from a Dalton, Ga. pawn shop, just outside of Chattanooga. This happens all the damn time and I just wonder how fucking hard it is to secure your stock at night.

One thing I’ve learned from living out in the sticks is that a lot of “gun shops” and “pawn shops” are basically someone’s garage. This needs to change. Because these guns end up on the streets of Chicago killing kids.

2- A Kingsbury High School student in Memphis brought a loaded 9mm onto campus, he says to sell it to another student. Oy vey.

• November 17, 2015:

1- Robbers hit a Hendersonville gun store in a “smash and grab” operation. Seems like this happen an awful lot. Don’t know why it’s so hard to lock up your stock. Oh wait, I just said that, didn’t I. Never mind. #StuffHappens

2- A Murfreesboro man decided to off himself with a gun in his neighbor’s backyard.

• November 16, 2015:

1- A Hamilton County man accidentally shot himself. Details still coming in.

BTW, I love how news reports always say we’re supposed to “Stay with XYZ Network for updates to this story,” but we never get the updates.

2- The Tennessee Firearms Assn. is having big sadz that our Attorney General has ruled that black powder firearms are, in fact, firearms, and therefore subject to all of the same restrictions of ownership (minimal tho they may be) as codifided in state law.


• November 15, 2015:

A Hawkins County woman was accidentally shot in the face at an estate sale in Greene County:

The auctioneer handed a man a .22 caliber rifle to look at when it fired. The bullet hit Julia Belle, 63, of Church Hill, in the mouth, knocking out several teeth.

She was transported by medical helicopter to Holston Valley Medical Center, and the sheriff said she is doing well.

The gun’s trigger was secured by a ziplock tie, but must not have been completely secured.

Must not have been.

• November 12, 2015:

1- An indictment has been handed down in the case of a hunter who was accidentally shot and killed last September. Robin Smartt Jr. has been charged with reckless homicide in the shooting death of Chad Killian, and one count of felon in possession of a firearm.

2- As previously posted, our 2nd Amendment Hero of the day is an unnamed Murfreesboro man who shot a man who approached his car because he “scared the [expletive] out of me.”

By the way, the shooter was brought in for questioning but initially not charged.


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4 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. And these are only the ones in your area; the ones that made the news.

  2. LL

    The Goodlettsville report link has been updated w/details, just this afternoon. I almost wish I hadn’t read it. Please keep reporting these stories, SB.

  3. LL

    The Goodlettsville story has just been updated, this afternoon. I almost wish I hadn’t read the details. Please continue to post such entries, SB. These stories need exposure.