The Eternal Victimization Of The Modern Conservative

We’re finally hearing from the 2016 Republican Presidential candidates about the mass shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs:




Yes, Mike. You’re the real victim here. It’s especially tragic for pro-lifers, who have been spreading lies about “baby parts” and other monstrosities that Planned Parenthood supposedly perpetuated. Really a tragedy for you, not the patients and staff who were there for birth control and STD testing and other regular healthcare services.

Oh, you poor dears. How will you ever get over this?


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4 responses to “The Eternal Victimization Of The Modern Conservative

  1. Kathleen

    From our “Must Defend White People’s Feelings From Being Hurt” Dept, I saw link to NYT story in comments section of People’s View. The story described Dear as a “gentle loner” who evidently sometimes unleashed violence towards neighbors and women he knew. “Gentle”? Really, NYT?

  2. ThresherK

    Hey, Huckleberry: You spread this shit. Little late to complain about the smell now.

  3. Shutter

    Terrorist leaders always farm out the actual violence to their mentally impaired and delusional followers. Its the ‘cut-out’ that protects the true instigators of terror. Huck and his fellow running-dogs are as responsible as the person who pulls the trigger.