Here We Go Again

Another mass shooting, this time in San Bernardino. Everybody’s thoughts and prayers were so effective after the last mass shooting, that we decided to do it all again! /sarcasm

Meanwhile, on Twitter, we have this, just hours after news of the event started coming in:



I’m just curious how that’s supposed to work? Obama and George Soros stage a mass shooting, come and take everyone’s guns away, and then what? What happens next? You’re sent to work in the salt mines? (We need more salt?) I mean, what’s the end game here?

Wouldn’t it just be easier for them to do whatever the fuck it is they want to do and then send one of those drones our Pentagon owns down to bomb the crap out of whomever objects? Wouldn’t that be easier than “staging” a mass shooting and then trying to collect hundreds of millions of guns from people in every nook and cranny of Murrica?

I mean, I’m just trying to apply some common sense here, people. I know, futile exercise …


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9 responses to “Here We Go Again

  1. Well, SB, it seems that ‘Priscilla has been fed, for at least the last 7 years all the BS about our President, our Black President. Remember all that crap back on O8 that said he would “take away all your guns, blah, BS. I am sure every time Brack Obama has to comfort all the families of more GUN VIOLENCE victims, he wishes he DID have the power to at least stop the sale of WAR WEAPONS to idiots and hate filled loons. And while George Soros has supported our Democratic Party, he is NOT involved in the sale of GUNS and AMMO, and AK-47s. She needs to look up the KOCHS, even the Mormon church…it owns gun factories and makes money from Murders. I can prove what I say. She, on the other hand, keeps believing the BS from the NRA.

  2. And then there’s this: Obama and Soros have been pretty effective overall, but I gotta say, they really suck at getting guns away from idiots.

  3. Randy

    Both Obama and God are underachievers. Maybe we can find replacements on “America’s Got Talent.”

    • mary wilson

      The fact is that President Obama does NOT have the power, even using his ‘executive power, to enact ANY laws regarding the proliferation of guns, the sale, registration, or limits of the TYPE of weapons in this country. Here in Tennessee, there are ‘loopholes’ about purchase, sale, and whether you register your gun or not. And the gun ‘registry’ is KEPT secret. Assault weapons are bought and sold in the streets. We have had shootings in churches, restaurants, near and ON college campuses, in ball parks. And the sanctimonious who claim we should pray, will turn around and refuse to pass any gun control bills ever. We lose children here because of stupid adults who do NOT lock up their guns, two here in the last month.

  4. …as Sparky sez, “YARGLBARGLBLAAAAAAAAAARGH!” ~>X[

  5. This is the sad truth of what really constitutes “American exceptionalism”, an inability to go a single day without some kind of mass shooting, enabled by a corrupt and craven Congress which refuses to do what is necessary: Restrict access to all high fire-power weaponry to the military only, and a mandatory buy-back of all the damn AR-15’s from civilians, a refusal to create a real-time nation-wide federal Registry and back-ground check system and a refusal to mandate liability insurance on all weapons by their owners. We are pitied as much as feared by other nations for being the ignorant, petulant, violent children of the so called “civilized” world. God helps is getting worse and worse and worse!

  6. …these fuckers have slashed themselves on Occam’s Razor so many times I’m amazed they still have any blood left to bleed out…

  7. Prup (aka Jim Benton)

    And now — well, in January, assuming that there isn’t enough protest — we will have GUN TV — a Home Shopping Network for guns. (Don’t have time to dig up the link, Em got it on her newsfeed, but it was from SF Gate.) Actually, it might be less bad than several alternatives, since they ship the guns to a local registered gun dealer and require background checks off some kind. Still, just think, you can buy a weapon without getting out of your pajamas. I haven’t checked what cable or satellite providers are thinking of running it, but I’ll be calling DIRECTV to tell the not to.

    But why worry. The station INSISTS most gun owners are responsible.