Documenting The Atrocities: Your Weekend Of Gun Lunacy

Dispatches from our well-regulated militia this past weekend. Second Amendment Heroes, all:

• Someone accidentally shot his friend at the gun show at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix.

• There were numerous hunting accidents: in Iowa, Arkansas and central New York.

• In Pennsylvania, a hunter’s bullet went through a child’s bedroom window and lodged in a wall. Stuff happens!

• A Minnesota man was reaching for his rifle when it slipped and he shot himself in the stomach.

• A CCW-holding “good guy” with a gun was defending his shop from an armed robber, and he accidentally shot an innocent bystander waiting at the bus stop.

• A 3-year-old California child “gained access to the family gun” and shot his older brother. Dad is a CHP officer.

• Some kids in Dayton, Ohio found a loaded rifle in a shed. One was accidentally shot in the leg with it.

• In New Orleans, a 4-year-old accidentally shot himself in the neck at his grandparents’ house.

• In the Denver suburb of Englewood, a teenager hanging out with some friends was accidentally shot. He died.

• In Toledo, Ohio, a dog knocked a gun off a table, accidentally shooting a pizza delivery man who happened to be delivering a pizza at the time.

• Funny story: in Michigan, one of our safest, most responsible citizens evah ended up being batshit insane. I know, right? He took his legally-concealed gun to a kid’s soccer game and shot a mom and her 7-year-old daughter. The child died.

• Also in Michigan, a 20-year-old man was drinking with his buddies and showing off his new gun. Somehow he ended up accidentally shooting himself in the head. He died.

• In Florida, a 17-year-old was accidentally shot to death by one of his friends when the kids were playing with a gun in his room.

• In Tucson, Arizona, an armed citizen shot and killed a shoplifting suspect in a parking lot. Shoplifting now gets the death penalty, apparently.

• In Conyers, Georgia, a 5-month-old was shot in the arm by accident when the infant’s 18-year-old mother grabbed a shotgun after hearing a noise outside.


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14 responses to “Documenting The Atrocities: Your Weekend Of Gun Lunacy

  1. LL

    Not surprised at the final entry (Arizona), that the shooter hasn’t been arrested…so far, anyway. Friend of mine travels the country doing IT consulting at colleges. She was in walking in downtown Prescott, AZ, chatting with me on her cell, when she suddenly stopped speaking, only to then explain that a young woman had just emerged from a bar a few yards ahead on the sidewalk, cradling four shotguns. Is this illegal in AZ? Apparently not. Is this sensible? You tell me.

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  3. J R in WV

    M. Beale,

    While the link associated with your illustrious ‘nym worked to bring up your site, the link embedded in your comment at Balloon-Juice brings up a Word-Press login page rather than the post these comments are attached to.

    I always enjoy – well not quite the correct word – appreciate your work on gun madness. Keep the faith down there in Tennessee.


  4. Here in Knoxville our “moms demand action’ in conjunction with other similar groups across the country are Hosting an “Orange Walk’ against shootings and killings this Sunday, the 13th, beginning at TVUUC Church and walking down to St. George Orthodox Church. It will begin at NOON and end with a vigil and rally to honor ALL LIVES LOST to GUNS. Hope some on this blog can join a similar rally in your Tennessee area.

  5. I’m wondering if a movement against universal access to guns should be approached the same way the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) approached drinking and driving.

    Were Mothers Against Guns (MAG) or Mother Against the Second Amendment (MASA) to begin the massive grass-roots movement beginning here, this would set a vision eventually excluding guns from American culture. While SoBe’s list in the previous post represents many of the battles needed to be won, it is the anti-constitutional amendment war that “MAG” addresses that offers the eventual goal.

    Interesting sociological experiment. It has been done before with Prohibition, however the eventual repeal of this amendment recognized that alcohol needn’t be out rightly prohibited, but responsibly used (admittedly this is still a work-in-progress…).

    If an anti-gun movement could achieve as much as did the Prohibition evolution, even that would be terrific news. Guns however, can’t be dabbled with to the same degree that alcohol can.

    • I do agree that MADD did make a difference, but here in Tennessee, chronic drunks who drive can be charged many times, with no other punishments except fines and no one knows they are dangerous until the LAST time they are caught….after they kill or injure others.
      But Mom groups are fighting the gun MAKERS, the gun lobby and the crazies…to get even sensible gun laws passed….not allowing the sale of assault, WAR weapons anywhere.. The assault rifles used in San Bernadino were purchased by a 3rd person, outside California as they are now liiegal to be bought or sold in that state.. And Moms Demand Action is more demanding and public, challenging politicians everywhere. I recently joined this group because I respect their approach.

  6. Shutter

    Lets cut to the chase here as to why men buy guns…

    Small dick — buy a gun.
    Can’t hold a job — buy a gun.
    Beer belly — buy a gun.
    Drive a junker — buy a gun.
    Somebody somewhere laughed at you — buy a gun.
    Anger issues — buy a gun.
    Found Jesus — buy a gun.
    Didn’t graduate high school — buy a gun.
    Cable TV got turned off — buy a gun.

    • And the most important reason….being scared to death by the lies of right wing media like FOX and the FAKE christians like Ron Ramsey and now our own Congress Critters….Alexander, Corker and JOHN DUNCAN. The total ignorance of the average gun owner is appalling but it is there.

  7. CB

    3-year-old California child — negligence
    Some kids in Dayton, Ohio — negligence
    New Orleans 4-year-old — negligence
    Toledo, Ohio dog — negligence
    Florida 17-year-old — negligence
    Conyers, Georgia mother — negligence, with a liberal dose of stupidity

    Over one third of your cited cases, and very likely to have no charges filed against the negligent adults. Stuff like this fries my soul