Congratulations, Unidentified AL Man! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

A CCW holder — one of our safest, most responsible evah!! — went to the CVS Pharmacy in Franklin, Alabama with his loaded Glock safely (!) stowed in his pants pocket. Hilarity ensued:

When the man was walking up to the cash registers at the front of the store, he went to scratch his leg and accidentally pulled the trigger of his gun, Atwood said. The man told police he thought part of the pocket caught on the trigger, which caused it to fire, according to the police report.

The bullet shot through the man’s pants and into the carpet at the store, Atwood said. The bullet did not hit anyone and shattered on impact with the floor, he said.

“When this happened, he then made the weapon safe,” Atwood said.

The man immediately ejected the magazine from the gun and cocked the gun’s slide open so no more bullets could be fired, Atwood said. The gun was unloaded and on the front counter of the pharmacy when officers arrived, he said.

“He was so rattled by this that he had a hard time getting his license and concealed carry (permit), which he did have, out of his wallet,” Atwood said.

The man told officers he typically keeps his gun in a holster but didn’t use it Tuesday. He told officers he plans to take gun safety and shooting lessons soon, according to the police report.

Once again, innocent bystanders have “dodged a bullet,” so to speak. What a tremendous comfort that he plans to take a gun safety course “soon.” I’m just curious: what exactly is covered in Alabama’s concealed-carry permit courses? Is gun safety not covered?

I really do wish we had some strict, federal standards for these CCW courses, but of course with states like Kansas allowing concealed-carry without a permit, I guess there’s really no point.


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5 responses to “Congratulations, Unidentified AL Man! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. I don’t understand the “nobody was hurt so there’s no punishment” part of these things. It’s like “I drove my car through this playground, but since I luckily missed all the playing children, no harm done.”

  2. P.S. I got a carry permit in Alabama once in the 90’s. There was no “course.” I went down to the sheriff’s office and a clerk made a phone call to make sure I didn’t have any warrants, and I got my carry permit that day. (I was working as a security guard at a 24-hour supermarket when I was in college.)

  3. Shutter

    I wish James Madison had choked on his bagel instead of writing the 2nd Amendment. Life — and do mean life — would be so much better.

  4. Kosh III

    I wouldn’t mind this so much if only the ammosexuals would ONLY shoot other gunloonz. This would eventually cull the herd and improve safety for the rest of us.