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The Tennessee Firearms Assn. is making frownie faces over the Nashville fair board’s decision to suspend gun shows at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Metro’s legal department ruled existing contracts must be honored, and the state’s Republican legislature, predictably, is all, “can they even DO that??”

Meanwhile, as all of this rages in Nashville, there was an accidental shooting at a gun show at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix last weekend. And now we’re finding out more about what exactly happened. In an effort to reassure other public venues on his itinerary, producer Bob Templeton of Crossroads Of The West Gun Shows explains:

Templeton provided new details on the shooting. He said a licensed dealer zip tied the weapon he was going to sell before checking the chamber.

According to Templeton the dealer sold the weapon to a man who cut the zip tie before accidentally firing a round, hitting his friend. The man who was shot is expected to recover.

That “licensed dealer” has been banned from future events. So we’re good, right? Just one bad actor, nothing to see here, move along! Meanwhile:

Crossroads of the West Gun Shows has a long history of holding safe events, said Templeton. Inspectors check weapons coming into the building, making sure they are empty and zip tied. They also go around checking displays to make sure weapons are zip tied, he said.

Loaded guns are not allowed, and all participants are required to thread a zip tie through their guns to show the gun has been checked for ammo and to prevent it from firing.

So I’m just curious: with this nice list of safety measures which are routine parts of any Crossroads Of The West event, how did this one vendor somehow manage to zip-tie a loaded gun? You would think that this incident would reveal a gaping flaw in Templeton’s security protocol. But, no, that would require a gun show producer to admit something went wrong. Banning a dealer is so much easier than ramping up security, right?

This is my favorite part:

“It shouldn’t be of concern to the folks who come to the shows because it’s not like guns are going off at the shows on a regular basis,” he said. “We’re grateful the young man who was injured wasn’t more severely injured.”

Thoughts and prayers, don’t worry, this never happens you guys! Except, you know, that one time, and that other time, and that other time, and this time, and that time, and this other time, and don’t forget this one … etc.

I mean, stuff happens, right? Even at gun shows. Each time the vendor is banned and guess what, stuff keeps happening. So maybe the vendors aren’t the only problem.

Note: For a complete list of gun show accidents, check out David Waldman’s Pinterest board.


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3 responses to “Stuff Happens

  1. They could just change the name to “Crosshairs of the West”?

  2. Shutter

    Stuff happens. People brandish weapons and no punishment, people shoot themselves and others ‘accidentally’ and no punishment (“they’ve suffered enough” get out of jail free card and finally cops gun down innocent people more often than they write speeding tickets these days and zippo happens to them. At worst, the municipality has to cough up settlement money to make the problem go away while the Bad Cop No Donut keeps his job, his pension and worst of all, his License to Kill badge.

    Guns. What the hell is the upside of them anyway? What am I missing here?

    • I DO think we are seeing more of these negligence cases prosecuted than we used to. Parents going to jail for leaving guns lying around, etc. But that all is predicated on what local laws are. I don’t think Tennessee has a child endangerment law related to unsafe gun storage. I seem to remember reading something about that. We definitely need to lobby for something like that. Of course, Republicans are happy to let people on the terror watch list buy guns so I don’t imagine they’d have any qualms about quashing a law designed to keep children safe. Hey, YOU’RE NOT A FETUS ANYMORE!