Rep. Rick Womick Continues Anti-Gay Hissy Fit

Fresh off his unsuccessful attempt to have Gov. Bill Haslam impeached over gay marriage, loony Tennessee Republican (I realize that’s redundant) Rep. Rick Womick would now like the state of Tennessee to stop issuing all marriage licenses:

Womick is calling for Tennessee to revert back to a common-law state on marriage, the way it was before the Civil War, and stop issuing marriage licenses altogether.

“We as a state, as a legislature would then be standing up the Supreme Court and saying: ‘You are out of bounds. You don’t have the authority to tell us what we can or can’t do. And you can’t make us issue licenses not only to same sex couples but to heterosexual couples. You can’t make us do anything if it’s not in the Constitution,’” Womick said. “It is a state’s rights issue.”

“The way it was before the Civil War.” Yes, that’s a forward thinking party for you! Nothing says “bold ideas for the future” like a crackpot who wants us to revert to the way things were before the Civil War. He knows that was 150 years ago, right? (I have the sneaking suspicion that there are a few other areas of social policy he’d like to revert to how they were before the Civil War, too.)

Of course, Rick Womick is a certifiably crazy person, who believes Agenda 21 is a real thing and is convinced an “electromagnetic pulse bomb” was detonated outside of Shelbyville in 2013. For a medley of his hits, check out this recent run-down.


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4 responses to “Rep. Rick Womick Continues Anti-Gay Hissy Fit

  1. Dhgate

    The “stupid state” continues to amaze.

  2. Aw come on, quit bragging! We here in Arizona have our full share plus some of certifiable loony tunes Republican congressional representatives, including senator Jeff Flake…now there’s an appropriate moniker if there ever was one. Plus I can’t drive to the grocery store without seeing some huge SUV covered with vittriolic gay bashing, Obama hating or Mexican stomping bumper stickers…one ahead of me at the light today had 23 You Lie stickers plastered over every inch o the rear of his car….such an edifying sight!

  3. So I looked at that and muttered, “That’s going to be interesting if Tennesseeans move to other states and need to produce marriage licenses for things like survivor’s benefits and widow[er] pensions and possibly mortgages, etc.” and “Pre-Civil War? He must mean stuff like medical care (vaccines, antibiotics, anesthesia, and laser surgery) and communication (you have to love the way the “conservatives” want everyone to revert to old morality and social behaviours but would never give up their smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, and radio) and clothing and transportation (there were trains back then, but he will wait a long time for a car or plane) and sanitation (then again, he’s probably not interested in that until folks start peeing on his lawn and he has to use the outhouse at 3 am) and food storage (although aren’t we all working back to that with the locavorism and seasonal diets?) and entertainment and electricity and having to write out pieces of silliness like this in longhand with a quill pen.”

    Also, “you can’t make us issue licenses not only to same sex couples but to heterosexual couples.” What’s he got against heterosexual couples, anyway?

    Happy New Year despite the idiots.

  4. Shutter

    What a wimp! Only a 150 years? Jeepers creepers! At least go back to hunter/gatherer social mores. What a free-wheeling sit-ee-ation that was back then. None of that ‘oversight’ or ‘regulation’ or Mexicans rapin’ and pillaging our womenfolk. Roll it on back about 8000 years or so, that should take care of those pesky liberal-pinko-swishys.