Inquiring Minds, Immigration Edition

Why is it whenever Republicans like Donald Trump fearmonger about illegal immigration, they show people pouring over a wall?

Aren’t they the ones who are always trying to build a wall to stop it? Doesn’t this prove that walls don’t work?


Ted Cruz’s hilarious immigration ad also features people flooding across a wall (as well as through rivers, etc.)


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9 responses to “Inquiring Minds, Immigration Edition

  1. No. Because those walls aren’t the walls that Trump would build. His wall will be 3000 feet tall, with 150 more feel below ground to prevent tunneling. They would stretch from the Pacific Ocean (and 250 miles out into the ocean to prevent sailing around them) to the Gulf of Mexico (and again, 250 miles out). Trump’s wall would be totally unable to be crossed from above or below. And, he’ll get the Meksins to pay for the wall.

  2. Larry Lewis

    The Donald will make walls great, again.

  3. Shutter

    Ha! Those aren’t Mexicans trying to get into the US, they’re Americans trying to get the hell out.

  4. And..wait for turns out the footage Il Douche, the Trumpster used is actually from footage filmed in 2014 of Moroccans and immigrants from Sub Saharan countries crossing over into Spanish territory on the North African conntinent trying to reach the European Union. Never let facts get in the way of a good opportunity to create more hysteria in the trailer park segment of his unthinking constituency.

  5. Randy

    Speaking of inquiring minds…(Sorry to go off topic) Has anyone but me begun to wonder when some dirt (a la Herman Cain 2012) on Trump will surface? I mean he must have pissed somebody off somewhere along the way.

    • Seriously? It’s all out there. Cheated on Ivana with Marla Maples, got Marla knocked up before they were married, etc. If a Democrat did that it would be WHAT DO WE TELL THE CHILDREN! And then there’s the thing about him strong-arming some little old lady in Atlantic City because he wanted her house for the limo parking lot of his casino. And the way he drafted his father’s will that cut his brother’s kids out, and when the brother sued, reneged on a promise to pay for his infant son’s health insurance. It’s all been put out there, all been covered. Nobody seems to give a shit.

  6. Realistically, the reason they show the wall is so it’s clear that people are crossing a border. If they’re just walking through a desert somewhere, it doesn’t have the same “we’re being invaded by massive hordes who won’t let anything stop them” feeling that you get from people climbing over a wall. So it’s a triumph of anti-immigrant imagery over common sense.