Arthur Laffer, For The Win

People, I ask you: is there anyone more hilarious than perennial clown and serial liar Arthur Laffer? I think not:

Supply-side economist Arthur Laffer is predicting Republicans will win the White House in a landslide this year, regardless of the nominee.

“I would be surprised if the Republicans don’t take 45, 46, 47 states out of the 50,” Laffer told host John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on New York’s AM-970 on Sunday.

“I mean, I think we’re going to landslide this election.”

Laffer, who served in various positions in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations, said he is bullish on the entire Republican primary field.

“When I look at these candidates, I don’t see one of them who wouldn’t do a great job as president,” he said.

“I think Donald Trump is phenomenal, I think Rand Paul has done a great job, I even like Jeb Bush — I think Jeb Bush is great, he did a wonderful job in Florida,” he added. “Chris Christie – phenomenal.”

This guy is such a jackass. Why, I wonder, does anyone even give him the time of day? Because, as I pointed out in 2012, he tells conservatives exactly what they want to hear. Whether it’s supply-side fairy tales, or various and sundry fabrications about rich people leaving Tennessee because of inheritance taxes, Laffer can always be relied upon to reinforce conservative theology. That none of it is true seems not to matter at all.

I don’t know how many times someone can lie and be wrong before our political fanboys stop paying attention to them. Apparently, if you’re a conservative, never.


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6 responses to “Arthur Laffer, For The Win

  1. Larry Lewis

    It’s difficult, even as “just” a blogger, to walk the fine line between giving the suitably-named Laffer any publicity at all, versus exposing his untruths during an election year. You’ve done your usual good job at this, SB.

  2. Shutter

    “Why, I wonder, does anyone even give him the time of day?”

    Because no bad idea, no matter how stupid, ever goes away if it can benefit the rich and powerful.

    Example: since debtors prisons have come back in style, ya gotta know we’re headed backwards. Again.

    • “Because no bad idea, no matter how stupid, ever goes away if it can benefit the rich and powerful.”

      Sounds about right.

      • yupyupyupyupyupyupyup – case in point: KANSAS.

        BrownNose has so thoroughly fucked us over with his Lafferian voodoo-economics =solely= to keep his masters Chuckey and Davey happy and rich, I doubt we’ll ever be able to fix it. I’m too poor to move, and too crippled to hitch-hike, so I’ll get to see the whole fuckin’ slow-motion trainwreck happen, up-close-and-personal-like…


  3. ThresherK

    “Why, I wonder, does anyone even give him the time of day?”

    As a broadcast listener geek, let me point out something about this radio program.

    Every music hall in Nashville is trading off the reputation of Ryman Auditorium. Allegorically, NYC was the home of hardcore radio news and talk before it all went to shit. if you’re wondering which storied and famous New York City AM talk / news station aired this exchange, you’ll have to go down your list pretty far.

    WMCA? No.
    WINS? No.
    WCBS? No.
    WWOR? No.
    WABC? No.
    WBBR (Bloomberg)? No.

    WNYM, AM 970. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re not alone. It’s pretty damn bottom-of-the-barrel.

    Fascinating to hear, only in the sense of wondering what the repressed right-wing id does at the end of a long day, being politically correct in public, when it kicks off its shoes and gets a tumbler of scotch in it.