Congratulations, Larry Lotz! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

That gun sure kept that family safe:

Larry Lotz, 65, snapped after his wife, Karen, admonished him for leaving the coffee maker turned on in the couple’s Barrington, Ill., home, according to police reports.

After the argument, Larry Lotz walked out of the kitchen and into his home office, where he grabbed a .45-caliber handgun, Assistant State’s Attorney Chris Corbin told the Chicago Tribune.

When Karen Lotz followed him into the office, Larry Lotz fired four shots at his wife, striking her three times — including once in the head, Corbin said.

He “snapped.” Well clearly, the wife should have been armed, right?

Oh, by the way, she’s dead now. Slow clap, gun nuts.


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11 responses to “Congratulations, Larry Lotz! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. CMS

    Yep. Without his gun, he might have just hit or shoved her. With a gun, he killed her. How nice.

  2. People used to just have bad hair days.

  3. There is your problem. If they would have bought one of those coffee makers with an automatic off switch, this could have been avoided without any argument. (end sarcasm, because, jeebus, what is wrong with that asshole?)

  4. Duke of Clay

    The wife obviously failed to understand that an armed society is a polite society.

  5. I hate when “somebody” leaves the coffee maker on!

  6. I worked with Larry for years. He was a VERY nice person but VERY deeply scarred person from the things that he had to do in Vietnam. I am not surprised by this but this goes WAY deeper than having a gun. He was a nice guy but a messed up dude from the things that he endured. I am saying that objectively. This is not a result of gun regulation but a result of mental health issues that really messed up things in his head. I know this first hand because I know the guy and I know what he was like. He was manic and it was a result of his term serving there.

    • Assuming what you say is correct, anyone deeply scarred with mental issues, PTSD/manic etc should not have a gun, so yeah, it’s a result of gun regulation. Or lack thereof. But thanks for your insight.

    • I’m sure his defense will be thwt his wife looked like Cong.

    • Completely irrelevant. We’re talking forty years. His entire adult lifetime to heal. A woman who stood by him. Nobody ever used the excuse of being manic to defend a murder. Maybe his wife was a termagant. Maybe she was not. She did not deserve to die. Sounds to me like he was something pretty special to you. I can only assume that you have devoted a large portion of your energies and time to preventing and opposing war in all of its forms. The PTSD coming out of the Viet Nam conflict is negligible compared with that caused by the last two wars. God help the hapless victims and castaways from these misguided campaigns.

  7. Michael S

    According to the NRA, a nagging wife would clearly remind any red blooded ‘Mercan of Obama. It was clearly her own fault.