A Question

Doesn’t the piss-poor primary performance (say that ten times fast without stopping!) of Jeb! Bush, and Donald Trump’s loss in Iowa, mean that our elections aren’t, actually, for sale?

I’m actually thinking more about Jeb! than Trump, as I’m not sure Trump has actually spent much money yet, relying on all the free attention the lamestream media has lavished upon him. But Jeb! has a SuperPAC that raised over $103 million as of last summer. As Mother Jones noted:

To put Right to Rise’s numbers in historical context, Mitt Romney’s entire primary effort in 2008 cost $107 million; Hillary Clinton’s cost $245.7 million.

With all that money and he came in sixth? After spending more money than anybody else?

Maybe we don’t need to be so freaked out that he (or she) with the most money wins.

What do you think?


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8 responses to “A Question

  1. Randy

    An interesting hypothesis but too small a sample size. Ask again at the end of the primary season. In the interim I’m sticking with the golden rule- “He (She)who has the gold makes the rules.”

  2. Thinking also of those folks like Foster Friess, who backed Santorum, Hedge-funder Steven Cohen who backed Christie, etc. Will certainly be interesting to see how this rolls out.

  3. Bitter Scribe

    Apparently Exclamation Point’s Super PAC, Right to Rise (and doesn’t that name just ooze entitlement?), is not spending its money with excessive brilliance. Case in point: the Iowa billboard that reads, in its entirety: “Jeb Bush: It’s Time for a President.”

    Generic much? Why not “There’s an Election This Year”? Or “One of America’s Candidates”?

    According to a tweet by a Des Moines Register reporter who was with Exclamation Point when he was driven past that billboard, EP’s reaction was: “What the hell is that?”

  4. You need money AND Roveatwaterphistopholes

    • themadkansan

      exactly. Without competent ratfucking talent, money is simply fart-gas politics-wise. Cruz came in first and Rubio in third because they both have a cadre of competent back-shivving bastards; Trump stayed in second mainly because he =is= his own ratfucking cadre. If he’d stayed in Iowa, he’d have won.

  5. Larry Lewis

    This may not be a very intellectually-based comment (and my degree’s in Poli Sci), but my theory is that no amount of Super-PAC funding beats that “deer caught in the headlights” look of Jeb!’s, exhibited during all the debates, to date.

  6. dugglebogey

    It’s not everything. But it’s a big fricking thing.