Congratulations, Unidentified TX Family! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Heroes Du Jour!

And “unusual chain of events” led to a Henderson County, Texas woman being accidentally shot by her son. Let’s roll that beautiful gunfail footage:

When the vehicle returned, the angry resident fired a shot in the air, Nutt said, and shouted at the people in the vehicle that he didn’t want them messing with his mailbox. About that time, his son, reacting to the commotion, fired a shot, apparently in belief that the first round had come from someone in the vehicle. The son’s bullet struck his mother.

But those guns sure kept that family safe, didn’t they?

Mom was shot in the leg, and is expected to be okay. She, er, dodged a bullet, so to speak. No word on the family’s mailbox.


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3 responses to “Congratulations, Unidentified TX Family! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Heroes Du Jour!

  1. democommie

    The only person who can stop a mailbox baseball player is a mailbox baseball umpire–who’s strapped!

  2. Larry Lewis

    Most every article we see here contains two nearly-obligatory factoids: 1) the authorities don’t know whether the perp will face charge(s). While I realize that, when a story is fresh, the local DA/police may not have yet made their determination of culpability, one wonders how much proof is needed before making an arrest on the freakin’ spot, as here.

    And, 2) every media source refers to these incidents as “accidents”….which, of course, they are not. The media in this country needs to be sat before signboards spelling out the diff between “Accident” and “Negligence.” It is Yuuuge. This further applies to the process of understanding what’s going on, in front of your own eyes ‘n ears, before firing a weapon. Not to forget hitting your own mom, nearby….crikey!!