Grab The Popcorn, SCOTUS Edition


Mitch McConnell is already saying that “the American people” should have a voice in the selection of the next justice and therefore the replacement should be postponed until after the election.

Told ya so. SO IRONIC! Remember Mitch McConnell in 2005?

“…the Republican conference intends to restore the principle that, regardless of party, any President’s judicial nominees, after full debate, deserve a simple up-or-down vote.”

Meanwhile, President Obama has 340 days left in office — nearly an entire year. The longest confirmation for any current Supreme Court justice was 106 days. I’d say there’s plenty of time to go through this process.

Suck it, Republicans.


Condolences to Justice Scalia’s family. He leaves a wife and nine children.

And a lovely hole on the Supreme Court just as cases on abortion, immigration, affirmative action and voting rights are about to be heard. Oh, my.

I will bet that Republicans are going to try cook up some kind of “strict constructionist” poppycock to explain why President Obama can’t nominate a new justice right now.

I remember (and have documented) all the times during the Bush Administration that Republicans told Democrats to just shut up and rubber-stamp W’s nominee. There were all the Justice Sunday events to fire up the evangelical activists; there were all the conservative writers who claimed that Bush should get whatever he wants because of “referendum”; and then, hilariously, there was Bill Frist repeating, ad nauseum, that “the president’s nominees deserve an up or down vote!”

That last bit was especially funny because a few years later, Frist’s disgraced staffer Manuel Miranda penned a letter urging Republicans to filibuster Sonia Sotomayor. Oh, the irony.

Republicans have enjoyed a majority on the Supreme Court for over four decades (at least, that’s according to some Yale legal expert on the news right now). I don’t for a second think Republicans aren’t going to try to pull some trick to keep Obama from changing that.

We live in interesting times, indeed.


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13 responses to “Grab The Popcorn, SCOTUS Edition

  1. Fuck Tony Ducks, he and his reactionary colleagues made a career on the SCotUS out of crafting decisions to match their ideology. I am thrilled that at least one of them is dead.

  2. themadkansan

    …This will be interesting. This would be the One Thing that the President should call in ALL the markers for, and make sure that another Weather-Vane is not elected to the court, let alone another fuckin’ knuckledragger like Scalia. If they want to shut down the gummint to keep him from appointing someone, let ’em do it, and then beat them mercilessly from the bully-pulpit. THIS is the kinda thing he needs to do to secure his ‘presidential legacy’…

    And if the markers aren’t enough, then it’s time to start breaking kneecaps when nobody’s looking…

  3. Yes, SB. I remember all his votes against women’s rights, and especially his disdain and disrespect for President Obama. I agree that our President should nominate a Constitutional expert, possibly a person of color, (to counter the wasted seat of Clarence Thomas!) and possibly ERIC HOLDER !

  4. Randy

    From the “I wish I had said that” category. Read in comments of another blog “Scalia finally gave me something for which to admire him. His timing.”

  5. As was said of Joe McCarthy, Tony Ducks has rendered a service to his country.

    • The State of Kentucky has once again cut their own collective throat, putting this evil clown back in the Senate, and electing this new Governor who has already ruined the lives of ALL those who finally were able to afford health insurance. John Y. Brown was the last good Governor in that State of Confusion.

  6. Martin Norred

    Over at Charlie Pierce’s Shebeen, someone had an even better idea! How about Anita Hill? While we all watch Clarence Thomas’s head explode!

  7. Jim in Memphis

    President Obama needs to nominate replacements and the Senate needs to vote on all of his nominees. I am not sure the Senate will vote in favor of any of the nominees, but they do deserve an up or down vote as required by the Constitution.

    • Thanks, Jim. And I might point out that our President has nominated at least12 candidates for National Federal judge candidates. The Senate has only confirmed ONE. It is a hoot, all this whining and threatening and postering from the OTHER SIDE..

    • I agree. They don’t have to vote yes, but they do at least need to vote. And they’d better have a damn good reason for voting no, assuming the nominee is someone reasonable and qualified.

      I suspect Republicans are going to want to drag it out, not just because they don’t want to approve Obama’s nominee, but more because they want the issue itself to stay alive to drive their voters to the polls.