Tennessee Gun Report

An unusually high amount of GunFAIL in this report. Enjoy!

• February 15, 2016:

1- A Greeneville man was cleaning his handgun when he accidentally shot himself trying to clear a jam. That was smart.

2- Employees at Aubrey’s restaurant in Maryville founded a loaded handgun left under a table as they were cleaning up at teh end of the evening. This is the second time a loaded handgun has been left at the restaurant.

• February 14, 2016:

A Memphis man has been arrested related to a January incident in which his girlfriend was shot and killed. The man first said she shot herself, then said the gun must have gone off when he was trying to take it away from her.

Where have I heard this before? Oh yeah:

• February 13, 2016:

A shooting range near a hiking trail, what could possibly go wrong, Hamilton County?

• February 7, 2016:

In Nashville, a man accidentally shot himself in the head at a Red Roof Inn motel. He died.

Can I just say, the large number of accidental gun discharges/shootings at motels has me wondering why the fuck these businesses don’t have no guns policies?

• February 6, 2016:

Two people were accidentally shot in LaVergne:

La Vergne police told News 2 the bullet went through one person’s hand and hit another person in the leg.

• February 5, 2016:

1- In Memphis, a fight over a bathroom of course leads to guns being drawn:

The victim said she got into a fight with Dean over use of the restroom, went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Police said Dean then pulled out a .25 caliber handgun and threatened to shoot the woman through the door. The victim called police and told them Dean was waiving the gun around when she came out of the bathroom.

Ah, that armed and polite society again!

2- A Chattanooga 16-year-old was accidentally shot by his 15-year-old friend teenager in his bedroom. He died.

The victim’s mother doesn’t believe it was an accident and charges have been filed. The shooter says they “found the gun in the road.”

• February 4, 2016:

A Memphis 16-year-old was accidentally shot while she was holding her one-month-old infant:

According to the affidavit, Gray admitted he was “fumbling around with the gun” before it fell on the floor and “fired one shot, hitting the victim.”

Neighbors said people should be more careful with guns.

Gee, ya think?

3- The gun used by an ex-con to shoot two police officers in Bronx, New York was bought in East Nashville by another man who gave a fake address.

What do we keep saying about lax gun law states like Tennessee funneling guns to stricter states like New York? This is why we need a federal system, not a hodge-podge of state laws.

• February 3, 2016:

A Kingsport man accidentally shot his houseguest in the chest as he was kicking the guest out:

According to KPD Public Information Officer Tom Patton, Parker discovered a small amount of drugs and drug paraphernalia. After tracing it back to his girlfriend’s son, Parker reportedly demanded the man pack his belongings and leave.

During the ensuing altercation, Parker retrieved a handgun and was allegedly pointing it at the other man in an attempt to expedite his departure. One round was fired, according to police, with investigators believing the shooting was unintentional.

• February 2, 2016:

A Knoxville-area family returned from a family outing to find bullet holes in their home, likely from target shooters:

Billy Harris says the family left their Wayside Road home to have dinner at his parents’ house around 3 p.m. Sunday. They came home around 7:15 p.m. to find a bullet had passed through the northwest exterior wall, through an interior wall and the first layer of the interior bedroom door. The bullet also passed through a trampoline safety net.

“If it was somebody target shooting, which I believe it probably was, I just want to make them aware of their surroundings,” said Harris.

The Harris family says the bullet holes have them worried for their safety and things could have turned out much differently if they had been home.

High-powered rifles, probably.


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3 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. Larry Lewis

    Re your firing range story: former NRA prez, current NRA lobbyist and certified wingbat Marion Hammer wants a FL state water agency abolished because they refuse to play nice by, um, their putting the hammer down on a firing range in my area for its refusal to honor terms of a lawsuit settlement with the agency, over 71 years of lead pollution. The range abuts a park. Hammer claims the agency is violating the 2nd Amendment. Amazingly, FL legislators are ignoring Hammer…so far. Maybe there IS a God.

  2. Are you sure that Aubrey’s isn’t running a promotion?