Oh, Canada! It Stands On Guard For Me

Thank you, Canada!

This looks like a lovely place. Sign me up. Just in case.


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12 responses to “Oh, Canada! It Stands On Guard For Me

  1. OH, SB, in 2004 I swore I would move North if GWB won or bought the Presidency again. But sadly, Canada was overwhelmed by Yankees moving north, so their government made strict rules: You must have a JOB to come to in order to move there, and you must have saved at least $1000 and bring it with you. I was so very depressed but with no money and still with grandkids here to help with, I couldn’t. I have visited Canada, and it is a great place, warm, hospitable, non-judgmental, and oh, so clean! But we KNOW that Trump will not be able to buy enough votes. And the rest of the GOP pack of loons can not work together….so I am happy we will have a Democrat to carry on and continue the programs of President Obama. yea!

  2. Kathleen

    Well, Canada is running for President of the US (courtesy of my brother’s Facebook post):


    I reminded him in my comment that our grandmother was born in Canada and I was hoping that would give me a leg up should I feel the need to flee the US any time soon in January 2017.

  3. I hope they have something for me, a microbiologist/forensic scientist. It’s a small island after all. There may not be a job waiting for me. lol

  4. Gave it a serious look, chuckled, and then remembered that Cape Breton has winter in the winter. Pity, that. (Am linking at my other other account!)

    But reminding myself of 1933. Just in case.

  5. You get points if you can speak French, but only if you move to Quebec, I believe.

    I used to nurture the dream of crossing the border, which is pretty close to me, and being a citizen of a more rationally and less viciously run country – then the Harper years happened, and the Liberals in the government before him weren’t entirely great, though decidedly better than the Reform-fascists, as a Canadian friend called them. Then there was the Tory government before that.

    I used to figure I’d move to the prairie province of the Reverend Tommy Douglass, the most politically successful socialist in the history of North America. Saskatchewan, but I waited too long and got too old. They’ve got age restrictions on emigration, not a prohibition exactly but the last time I looked, you lost points for being above the age of 44. You see, I’ve thought a lot about it.

    All the Ameroques move to Cape Breton it would very quickly cease to be beautiful, it would look like Rt 1 near the ocean.

  6. ThresherK

    Well, in my favor I’m a big CFL fan. However I’m not emigrating to Canada until my favorite baseball team returns to Montreal and my favorite hockey team returns to Quebec City.

    (I have a looong wait ahead of me.)

  7. Randy

    Death by Poutine. What a way to go.

  8. G S Herscher

    SB, The original, clever, funny post has been replaced by a sort of apology for posting the original, clever, funny one.
    I imagine the Cape Breton version of the Chamber of Commerce or the
    C B real estate people stepped pretty hard on the guy who started the whole thing.
    I thought it (the original) was really neat, directed my kids to the site, and got some questions about my mental condition.
    Thought you should know.
    (About the post, not my mental condition.)

  9. paradoxresearch

    Actually, even I tried to move to Sydney at one point: I was interviewed for a job out there for the company I had worked for, and was prepared to move my family there. While the cost of living was comparable between Toronto and Sydney, the housing would have been a fraction, and the hour commute would have changed to a 10 minute walk.

    I could have had a palatial home for the cost of a condo.

  10. The trouble with Canada is that they have long, very cold and dark winters up there, unless you can afford Victoria BC. As for Sydney, it is now one of the world’s most expensive cities, New Zealand requires proof of high assets to immigrate and my favorite, England has restrictive immigration policies in place and the cost of living is in the stratosphere..-$8 a gallon gas anyone? My own take on leaving is why? Why let the b@st@rds be unopposed,? The fight for human rights, workers’ rights and female reproductive freedom will not be advanced by conceding to the gun nuts, evangelical wackjobs, and corporatists…..I plan to fight down and dirty, all the more so, should by some aberration, chicanery, or outright vote theft, Trump, oleagenous Cruz or Boy wonder Robotio be elected to the White House.

    • I’ve lived in Scandinavia, I can handle the long winters. The upside is … long summers! And if you’re a Canadian citizen, I think you get certain advantages if you want to live in other Commonwealth countries.